Ural Three Wheel Drive Sidecar, the embers of the Cold War
Ural Three Wheel Drive Sidecar, the embers of the Cold War

Continuing my love for strange spawn, born from the bosom of sick minds with baskets of free time, and coupled with my curiosity for the engineering works that were born from the soviet technology from Cold War times (like the fascinating ekranoplane) I bring you to the Ural Three Wheel Drive Sidecar, a three-wheel drive sidecar motorcycle capable of towing a trailer reliably through muddy terrain in deep Russia.

Although the Russians are very much their own and make the whole idea of ​​the project their own based on Ural and they have it as a national brand, but it must be said that they take the base, as you may have realized when you saw that engine, of the BMW GS. The truth is that it seems that these guys are dedicated to taking all the tools and remains of other vehicles that they have found to assemble a final puzzle in the shape of a sidecar. The look almost looks like from the movie Mad Max, but in its Soviet version, and the fact is that if you start to search the internet in the end you will see that it turns out that it works with solvency and everything. Will it be approved for driving?

As they say in The Kneeslider is not very clear where the Ural ends and where the work begins Manufacturing in a damp, dark shed that joins welded square steel tubes, sidecar planks of wood, and transmission driveshafts that turn all wheels into drives. I leave you three videos so that you can see this thing in all its "splendor". Most of us are looking for a versatile motorcycle, or fun, or with character, Russians want bikes with triple traction and that can cross muddy areas with a meter of depth.

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