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Ducati Streetfighter 848, test (characteristics and curiosities)
Ducati Streetfighter 848, test (characteristics and curiosities)

First thing in the morning of a bloody Monday, in the heart of Gallardonia Botellonia Madrid, home to the weekend that has just ended and next weekend is light years away. But wait, everyone quiet, we are not working and it is 10 in the morning. In a small portion of sidewalk attached to the road we found an unidentified object that shines exaggerated, arouses our curiosity. As we approach we realize that the glow emanates from a beautiful Ducati Streetfighter 848 pearl yellow color that awaits us at the Ducati Moncloa dealership. I wish every Monday started like this.

So congratulations to Gonzalo FrMo for getting the riddle so fast. Cyber-gallifant for him, although Juanky Prieto did half the work for him. What do you think next time, do I have to be more elaborate, like Morrillu?

Ducati Streetfighter 848: aesthetics that are out of the ordinary

Ducati Streetfighter 848

Just see this Ducati Streetfighter 848 what you want is to sketch smiles, but you try not to do it so as not to look like an idiot to other passers-by. The appearance is interesting, it is not one of the multi-purpose motorcycles devoid of fairing that look like each other, it is a breath of fresh air in the market that was presented in the Eicma of Milan 2008 where did he win award for the most beautiful motorcycle of those that appeared there.

At that time the only engine that it equipped was the 1098, but a short time later spy photos appeared that materialized in a matter of months in a model with the engine of the least of the superbikes, the 848 Testastretta 11th (11º by the adjustment of the valve crossing not by the angle between cylinders).

The result of the union of a innovative concept With the most human engine it is a motorcycle that only has one purpose, to enjoy. When I say enjoy, it is in all aspects, both on top of it with the benefits it offers us, and without being uploaded, contemplating it from the window of a bar and feeding our ego for each person who looks at it when it passes by.

Ducati Streetfighter 848

Streetfighters, as a type of motorcycles with their own identity, emerged in the 80s in the countries of northern Europe when the sports of the time evolved in the hands of nonconformists who stripped them of their fairings and a wide handlebar was adapted as an alternative to the ones. naked of the time, which were more similar to the cafe racer.

In this way they got naked with a muscular appearance, novel for the time and with high performance. This Ducati evolves the streetfighter concept itself and is not only limited to removing the clothes from the brand's superbikes, but also has created a completely differentiated aesthetic the rest.

Ducati Streetfighter 848

The base of his sporty alter ego is removed by the fairing and replaced by a specific headlight that gives it a warrior spirit, and which at the same time is largely responsible for the overall appearance. East lighthouse flee from simplistic round or oval spotlights to be a design element itself. The led position lights they are positioned at the bottom and extend laterally under the headlamp of the low beams, almost triangular in shape.

The scorecard It emerges from the top cover of the headlight, but as the headlight is positioned very low it does not protrude at all above the top triple clamp and, have no illusions, although it has that integrated and aerodynamic look it does not deflect the air at all.

Ducati Streetfighter 848: technology and cycle part without halftones

Ducati streetfighter

Talking about scorecard, derived directly from the Ducati 848 Evo, but improved. The technology included in this model surpasses that of the sports and it shows in the amount of configuration parameters, including the selection between three levels of the intensity of the brightness of the LCD screen that will make it perfectly visible in any circumstance without shadows or shine or anything like that.

In fact, the electronics are inherited from the 848 Evo Corse Special Edition, which includes all kinds of boasts such as the traction control (DTC) with eight levels of action, pre-installation for the DQS (semi-automatic shift), pre-installation for DDA (data acquisition system) with the accessible port in the tail under the passenger seat, and multiple indicators of all kinds, except fuel level indicator.

In addition, an element that almost goes unnoticed but that is new and gives the motorcycle such a successful appearance is the taller and curved tank, to which two ribs resort to its front part until reaching the furthest point where we find the accommodation of the ignition key. It allows you to sit further forward and rest your weight on the handlebar, we could say that it is a wide handlebar but I am not going to do it because its distance between ends is significantly less than that of a Triumph Street Triple 675 for example.

Ducati Streetfighter 848

It caught my attention and at first you have to acclimatize to keeping your hands so horizontal and forward, because the feeling is that of going on the front wheel more than in the 848, a feeling that is reinforced by the view from our position of the tire and the tip of the front fender. Besides the handlebar it is located 20 millimeters higher and the footpegs are 10 millimeters wider to improve ergonomics.

Continuing with the aesthetic aspect few other things differ from the sports, but one of the most characteristic is the 2-1-2 exhaust system whose collectors look like the neck of a gypsy cantaor and ending in two great silent burnished aluminum finishes that only enhance the muscular look of this Ducati Streetfighter 848.

The exhaust system has a double lambda probe and exhaust valve to, in theory, achieve the best performance, but who does not think that some beautiful carbon Termignoni would be better? The sound is hoarse, typical of the Ducati, with a powerful melody typical of desmodromic four-valve engines and liquid cooling, but without reaching the extreme of the Panigale we tested not too long ago.

Ducati Streetfighter 848

After the game of finding the differences with their more sporty relatives, we went to the similarities if you think so. With 169 kilograms of dry weight and 132 horses power is a whole lady motorcycle that receives almost all the parts of its brand companions from the seat and tail assembly (which, since it is devoid of exhausts, has a much more stylized image), single-sided aluminum swingarm in black (a tad more long), Brembo brake system with radial actuated calipers and pumps, multi-adjustable suspensions, multi-tubular chassis with the same geometries (except for the launch which grows to 103 millimeters), V-shaped engine at 90º and four valves, and other characteristics of its own that more or less we can all meet.

Be that as it may, tomorrow we are at your controls to see if she performs as well as this Italian blonde looks.

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