MotoGP Japan 2012: Dunlop debuts a new front tire
MotoGP Japan 2012: Dunlop debuts a new front tire

Taking advantage of the Grand Prix of Japan, Malaysia and Australia, Dunlop to add a new front tire to the Moto2 category which will lay the foundation for development for the 2013 season. The new front tire named 345 replaces the usual one since the beginning of the season, the 717. It can still be combined with the other striker they have been using, the 302. The 345 compound approved with note its use in the World Endurance Championship in their careers both in Europe and in Asia.

Given the peculiarities of the layout of Motegi, Dunlop will use in Moto2 the range of tires of the group D focused on grip with the combination of 4886 and 3838 compounds to achieve high stability and the mechanical grip required on a 4.8 kilometer long circuit and constant braking and acceleration, without high speed corners or significant lateral loads. This means that the highest mechanical grip from the tires is required. The home straight is 762 meters long, and its entry from a tight curve implies significant demands on traction in this point.

The 4886 medium compound, introduced at the end of the 2011 season with good results, has the ability to give riders good starting grip and good durability in cold conditions. Compound 3838 is the hardest option chosen for this race. Both rear tires use the ATR05 construction.

Clinton howe, Dunlop Operations Manager for Moto2:

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