The habit does not make the monk, but almost
The habit does not make the monk, but almost

Last Tuesday we saw a video about the Japanese Cafe Racer and what some of its owners take care of the image they give on their motorcycle. Today I came across this video in which they give this subject one more spin. Telling us that the habit does not make the monk, to look like it you need to include a motorcycle this cool in your image.

Something like that I don't think would work in Spain, where the motorcycle is associated with another type of image. But it is curious to see how in other parts of the world that image of the motorcycle varies depending on what type of user it is intended for. In this case it seems that the bike is aimed at young teenagers. Those who seek to impress girls through their own image. That myth that we have all lived and that only a select few have realized.

This other video we show another market target. In this case we could talk about adolescent girls. Although it seems to me that the deal is rather nerdy. Without a doubt they are very clear about what they want to convey with this ad. If you buy one of these motorcycles you will be like the princesses and the cartoons you see on TV.

Viewing these two versions of ads I almost prefer that in our country motorcycles are not advertised on television. Because I can't imagine how they would sell us a high-displacement Sports or a Trail. Well, if I imagine it, but I reserve the idea so that it does not take hold and I have to regret having published it.

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