Statements by Carmelo Ezpeleta in Motegi about the future of MotoGP and WSBK
Statements by Carmelo Ezpeleta in Motegi about the future of MotoGP and WSBK

Prior to the usual press conference of each Grand Prix Carmelo Ezpeleta, the CEO of Dorna Sports, has offered another press conference to explain to the media the situation of the Superbike World Championship and the MotoGP World Championship after Dorna Sports became the company that will manage both championships from next season. The official announcement was made last week, and although Paolo flamini made some statements at the beginning of this week, from now on we will have to wait for Carmelo Ezpeleta to take the lead over these two World Cups.

From the extensive press conference, the first point that draws attention is the paragraph in which it is said that at first the idea was to adapt the regulations of both championships, but this proved impossible so two separate championships and two separate companies will remain, but both under the Dorna Sports umbrella. The next clarification is that for the 2013 season both championships will continue with the regulations as before. But during that year negotiations will begin with the FIM, the manufacturers, the circuits and the teams, to try to accommodate these two championships so that the two may be able to continue and grow together.

The next interesting statement is when Carmelo Ezpeleta talks comparing both championships. Making it clear that it seems crazy that in the MotoGP World Championship the prototypes use only six engines throughout the season while in Superbikes there are teams that use 39 engines. This for the current economic situation seems clear that it is nonsense and that the Superbike championship is making it too expensive. Something that may be threatening you.

In respect of The electronic, we already know what is being prepared in MotoGP, but it seems that in Superbikes that will also be one of the key points of the future. Although, as mentioned before, for the 2013 season things will continue as they are now. What Carmelo Ezpeleta makes clear is that the regulations of both World Cups will be negotiated independently of each other. But it is not yet defined who will be the person who will put a face to Dorna in Superbikes. With what if in the end it is the same person that separation of championships could be blurred.

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The press conference does not give much more of itself, but I have saved for last a couple of questions that have been asked to Carmelo Ezpeleta about the negotiations with Honda and the coincidences of the provisional calendar of 2013 that we already know of both world championships. The latter seems to be clear and that it will not be a problem, because according to comments both calendars are still provisional and may be altered from here until they are official. Let's see if it is true and both world championships do not coincide in the same weekend throughout the season.

The detail of the negotiations with Honda, and in general with the manufacturers participating in the MotoGP World Championship is quite critical. Because from this side we have always thought that Honda was the brand that was behind the strings that moved Dorna. But after reading a very interesting article of Moto Matters, the point of view could be diametrically opposite. I will try to summarize the ideas in that article.

As I say Until this moment, I thought that Honda's position was dominant in the world championship.. Precisely because in Moto2 the engines are Honda, in MotoGP the most powerful team and it seems that the cod of the regulations is the Repsol Honda and in Moto3 Honda also has a competitive motorcycle on the track. But after reading that article it seems that this is not so.

Engines Moto2 they are indeed Honda, but the preparation is done by a company that does not depend on Honda, although it is very well related to HRC. So if Honda closed the tap at some point with the supply of those engines, that shortage could be solved well buying from a dealer 40 Honda CBR600RR For any preparer to touch them, either by changing the supplier, although the latter would entail certain problems of coupling to the new mechanics.

On Moto3 the situation seems that it is not so dominant either, since the mechanics of Honda also prepare independently of the brand. In addition, the Moto3 motorcycles are not leased, but are sold, with which the technology used is not the property of Honda. Another neutralized category.

Finally in MotoGP Honda does not seem to be willing to go through the ring of the only electronics with limitations and it seems that in recent times it was preparing a "getaway" to Superbikes. That getaway points to the new Honda RC213V on the road. A project that still seems so undefined that it could be the wild card for almost any category. But if it is Dorna who controls both championships and in both the technical restrictions are similar What would Honda do?

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At this point there are no other options than, swallow with the regulations or leave. The option to leave was already taken by Honda a few years ago, and according to Moto Matters recalls precisely at that time the Motorcycle World Championship flourished as it was not known. Brands such as Suzuki and Yamaha continued to compete and even the world championship improved with the arrival of 2T engines that allowed private teams to access cheaper and simpler mechanics than 4T.

So after all this it seems that the one who has checked the King is Dorna, not Honda as it seemed to us from this side of the barrier. To my honesty, these "political" movements have reached a point where I seem more interesting than some races. We only have to sit and wait to see what happens in the next few seasons. Because what is clear to me is that we have reached a turning point that could be vital for the future of world motorcycle competitions.

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