Red Bull X-Fighters Sydney (Australia): Levi Sherwood takes the victory in the last round of the year and the title
Red Bull X-Fighters Sydney (Australia): Levi Sherwood takes the victory in the last round of the year and the title

This weekend was held on Cockatoo Island, Sydney, Australia, the last appointment on the calendar of the Red Bull X-Fighters 2012, a championship that this year has been dominated by the New Zealander Levi sherwood. Tom Pagès He has been in charge of putting the emotion into keeping his options for the title, arriving tied after the last appointment and gambling everything for everything until the final held in this test. Sherwood finally prevailed in an exciting test held in the beautiful maritime enclave of the Australian bay, where we could see impossible tricks. Dany Torres, seventh, concluded the season in third position.

After impose at the inaugural appointment of Dubai and the event held in the albero of the bullring of The Sales of Madrid, Sherwood displaying a powerful regularity and taking advantage of the punctures of his most direct rivals, he has managed to win the Red Bull X-Fighters champion title. The leadership was not only his, but after the Glen Helen event in which Todd Potter won, he took the lead until the Madrid event, and in Munich an immeasurable Tom Pagès tied on points in first position. Virtually all the favorites have suffered the consequences of an injury this year, and Sherwood has been no less.

So exciting was the fight between the two contenders for the title that when, predictably, they both reached the final Tom Pagès fiercely overpowered Sherwood until while performing his Volt star jump Suffered a fall that ruined all the work that would allow him to have done with the title. It has to be difficult to be successful with a repertoire of heart attack and fall when everything was almost done.

Thomas Pages

The good man from Pagès has advanced by leaps and bounds since in 2011 a hard fall in Las Ventas separated him from the championship, but especially in the second half of this season it has grown to become a giant that stands up to the other greats in the category. Yet without participating in all the events on the calendar, he has achieved get a well-deserved runner-up based on maneuvers typical of a madman. The truth is that there are few people in this world who innovate with new maneuvers, we have reached a level where physics does not allow us to go much further, but the Frenchman is doing it.

Josh sheehan

In third position the local hero finished, Josh sheehanWinner of the Australian event in 2011 and reappearing after a long and complicated injury that has taken him out of the competition for most of the season, he completed an impressive double backflip, one of the few who dare with this trick. Another one of the lame this year, has been our best representative in the competition of the colorao bull, Dany Torres the season in third position at the end of his performance on the other side of the globe in seventh place. Therefore he has not been able to revalidate the title of world champion achieved in 2011.

Maikel Melero has not disputed this appointment, but his seventh place This season he shows his good form and that he is learning by leaps and bounds from the best by combining this competition with the FIM Freestyle Motocross World Championship.

Levi sherwood

The award for best trick of the event went to the hands of Jackson Stron, fourth classified, with a tremendous very long frontflip and with a perfect reception. These maneuvers are rarely seen, so I link you to the video so you can judge for yourself.

The level of these riders is touching the levels of what is humanly possible, but little by little they continue to break the prejudices of reason. Next year we hope they continue to delight us with movements typical of superheroes and that injuries respect them all so that we have a 2013 with the greatest competitiveness among pilots.

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