2013 Superbikes confirmed pit-stop in case of rain
2013 Superbikes confirmed pit-stop in case of rain

Maybe the news that in the 2013 Superbike World Championship you will be able to do a pit-stop to change the wheels is the first news related to the fact that now the world series derived motorcycles is under the same roof as the MotoGP World Championship. Or maybe not, but it seems that from now on we are going to see many of these "inventions" applied first to Superbikes and then exported to MotoGP.

As commented on Crash.net Paolo Falmini has stated that for the 2013 season it is being studied that the motorcycles do pit-stop in the pits to change the dry tires for other wet ones in case the rain makes an appearance during the race. Something in the style of what you do in Endurance races like the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This would avoid the unfortunate spectacle that we could see this year at Silverstone or Monza. Situations caused by the rule that allows each rider has a single motorcycle.

This situation in MotoGP it is solved with what is called Flag-to-flag thanks to the fact that the MotoGP riders have two bikes. While one is on the track with dry tires, the other prepares with tires and wet settings and the rider simply changes bikes in one pass through the pit-lane.

But for a long time the bosses of Dorna (which is now the one that manages both championships) have been racking their brains to lower the cost of MotoGP teams. The icing on the cake of this cost cut, in addition to the single control unit, the series derived motors on the prototype chassis and the same tires for all of them, among others, would be the use of a single motorcycle per rider. But since the MotoGP image rights sell for a lot of money, they are not going to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs before taking all the performance out of it. The solution? Then we tested it in the World Superbikes that if a fiasco comes out, no one is going to tell us much; If it goes well, we import it into the MotoGP World Championship and we hang the medal of improving a championship that is currently dying.

Am I too conspiracy? Maybe yes, but this, just one week after the official announcement of the union of both world championships under the same roof it starts to smell weird. What do you think about it?

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