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European Speed ​​Championship 2012: Carmelo Morales, Jordi Torres and Matteo Ferrari are the new champions
European Speed ​​Championship 2012: Carmelo Morales, Jordi Torres and Matteo Ferrari are the new champions

This past weekend, not only have we been able to enjoy the tremendous final of the World Superbike Championship, but it also took place in the Albacete circuit, as usual, the European Speed ​​Championship, or what is the same, the UEM European Championship, that's what it's actually called. As you well know, this championship has only had an all-or-nothing race for a few years, with all that that means. Thus, the brand-new champions of this 2012 have been Carmelo Morales in Superstock 1000, Jordi Torres on Supersport 600 and Matteo ferrari in the Moto3 / 125GP category, the latter perhaps the most surprising of the winners. We are going to review each category …

Superstock 1000: Carmelo Morales also does not forgive in the European

Carmelo Morales

The morning started with the Superstock 1000 category, where the two big favorites were Carmelo Morales and Ivan Silva, coming back from MotoGP to defend last year's title. However pole went to Adrián Bonastre, and he was the first leader of the test, setting the pace and even opening some gap. Meanwhile, Carmelo struggled with Xavi Forés, who were going to hunt Adrián, and Silva was losing precious (and final) seconds in a beautiful but unproductive fight with the always spectacular Kyle Smith. The fact is that Bonastre was losing steam and by the time Morales took the lead, Forés could barely follow him, and Silva, who had already left the British behind, was somewhat far behind. Still, Ivan was able to finish second and get very close to Carmelo.

Finally then, fourth European title for Carmelo, that once again shows his great dominance in the category. The podium was completed by Silva in second place and Forés in third, both feeling that they had been able to achieve more. And it is that being a unique race, it seems that only the winner is happy, it has its logic. Bonastre finally came fourth while Kyle Smith came fifth. For its part, Albert Santamaria with his sixteenth place he managed to be the Junior Champion, that is, among pilots with up to twenty years.

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