Honda replaces KTM in the European Junior Cup
Honda replaces KTM in the European Junior Cup

The news that in the 2013 season the motorcycles used in the European Junior Cup will be Honda instead of KTM It could go unnoticed if it weren't for the fact that in the press release that Honda has made they say that the motorcycle used will be a sports model that has yet to be presented to the public. So if we add two and two, the result can be the Honda CBR500R which was leaked to the press in the middle of last month.

Following this line of research in Hell for leather have published some technical data that are endorsed by someone important in the brand of the golden wing. Although its name has not been made public for obvious reasons, the data quite matches what we all speculated when we saw those first spy photos of the Honda factory in Thailand.

At first we would be talking about a motorcycle with a parallel twin that would cubed about the 470 cc and that it would be cooled by liquid. The power would be 35 kW (about 47.58 CV) so that it can be driven by holders of the A2 card. The engine torque would be around 41 Nm and the maximum speed would be around 170 km / h. The total weight of the motorcycle in running order with the full ones done would be 195 kg and fit some tires 120 / 70-17 front and 160 / 60-17 rear. Undoubtedly these data are juicy, although they are yet to be confirmed they speak quite well of the concept we are talking about.

Of course the most purists will be able to say that where are they going to go with a motorcycle of less than 50 hp and with sporting aspirations. The idea is no longer to get a motorcycle with a lot of power so that a few are able to get the benefits out of it. Rather, the idea of ​​Honda I think goes through build bikes that are affordable for the general public and then show on the track that they are as effective as any sports car. Something like that has happened with the Honda CBR250R, whose street version presents us with a more or less "bland" motorcycle but in its GP version it is capable of standing up to the KTMs that are designed without compromise for competition. Yes, I know that one and the other are alike only in name. But this is what makes the maxim that winning on Sunday you sell on Monday, and this the Honda gentlemen love.

Returning to the motorcycle and the speculations about it. That the prototypes have been leaked from the Honda factory in Thailand may also show us that the development of the motorcycle is on a modular path. Since that same Asian factory is where the bulk of the Honda CBR250R is manufactured, so they have the mechanics of the single cylinder at their fingertips to experiment with. From there to join two cylinders in the same crankcase there is only one step. What I wonder is how long it will take to do experiments with four cylinders, in vee or in line.

1980 Honda NC 50

According to Hell for leather this new engine could also be take advantage of the technology used in the Honda NC family to achieve reduced consumption. Of course, this would go against the maxim that an engine can be powerful, reliable or economical, but never all three at the same time. Will the gentlemen of Honda be able to end that statement? We will have to be look out for the EICMA show in Milan 2012 to know this new Honda CBR500RR or whatever it ends up being called.

At the moment the only thing we are clear about is that the champion of the Eropean Junior Cup will get a place to participate in the 2014 Superstock World Cup. And it confirms that Honda is increasingly interested in promoting young talent around the world.

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