Harley Davidson XR750TT, a jewel of the past that continues to win competitions
Harley Davidson XR750TT, a jewel of the past that continues to win competitions

Do you have any favorite motorcycle decoration? To me the decoration of the Harley Davidson XR750TT It is one of the ones that I like the most in almost the entire history of world motorcycling. So imagine the chiribitas that made my eyes when I saw an article published in Bike Exif about, precisely, a Harley Davidson XR750TT in all its splendor and with its most recognizable war colors. Let's take a look at the history of this North American gem.

During the 1950s and 1960s, racing Harley Davidsons continued to use the mechanical KR with side valves. Something that on the Dirt Track allowed them to maintain the type more or less, but that on the asphalt tracks left them totally out of play compared to the British mechanics, much more powerful and advanced than the North American ones. As at that time Harley Davidson was still interested in staying in the limelight of the competition, they got down to work and in 1972 they released the Harley Davidson XR750.

The mechanics of this motorcycle were based on that of the Harley Davidson Sporster, but used aluminum cylinders instead of the steel cylinders of the street bike. This detail was more than enough to prolong Harley Davidson's dominance in dirt and tarmac racing for a few more years. Despite the best efforts of the British and their exceptional racing bikes.

Harley Davidson XR750TT

The decoration in question is the one I used Cal rayborn on the motorcycle of the official team of the brand. Rayborn was one of those drivers who won almost everything in the USA. Participated in the Trans-Atlantic Match Races winning three of the six races on British circuits that he was unaware of, he set a pair of speed records in the early seventies and just when he had just signed for Suzuki to guarantee himself a competitive motorcycle in 1973 he died in an accident at the age of 33, in a test day due to a seizure of the engine of that competitive Suzuki.

Returning to the motorcycle, the Harley Davidson XR760TT It used a 45-degree vee-twin engine that cubed 750 cc. It used OHV cylinder heads from the Sporster as we have said. Each cylinder was fed by a carburetor instead of both sharing the same diffuser. The front fork is a Ceriani, the best of the time. Same as double cam front drum. Even the pad on the tank that pilots used at the time to support the chin when they got behind the fairing is preserved, seeking maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

Finally, this bike, which is one of ten officially manufactured units, is also the winner of the elegance contest in the category of Major racing motorcycles in the Salon Privé. A select contest that takes place on the outskirts of London. The current owner is Warr’s Harley Davidson dealership on King’s Road and he is responsible for the bike being restored to this level of quality and finish. Of course, without the photos of Marianne Logica we could not do this gem justice either. I recommend that you take a look at the photos he has published Bike Exif that are worth it.

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