J&J Sidecar Team: chasing a dream
J&J Sidecar Team: chasing a dream

I don't think there is a specialty like sidecar racing more neglected and abused in Spain than this one. And not precisely because it is a boring discipline but quite the opposite. Those of us who have had the opportunity to live a sidecar race know how spectacular and fun this competition is. Well, this whole situation may change thanks to two great Spanish motorcycling enthusiasts who have gotten together around the J&J Sidecar Team to chase a dream race the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy in your sidecar.

Jacobo Lara and Juan Alcaraz have set a goal out of the ordinary in a country where Sidecar racing has not been seen for more than two decades and no longer those that were seen in the Grand Prix together with the World Speed ​​Championship when the sides category was one more category. Sidecars also disappeared from other competitions such as the timed climbs that so many fans have in places in the north of the peninsula.

Thus, the J&J Sidecar Team has a difficult time advancing in our country with almost no fans and no races to play. The World Championship that is held without much media coverage and currently together with some World Endurance events is too expensive to contest, according to the J&J Sidecar Team. Therefore, to be able to measure yourself against other level pilots and learn from them they have to move to France where they will not only run the six races of their Championship but they will try to do some training.

Imagine the support that the J&J Sidecar Team needs at this time is the maximum that we can give them so that people begin to know their project in a massive way and thus be able to seek support for the great adventure of the Isle of Man TT. I hope to talk to you later about the team and its spectacular F2 sidecar.

Good luck friends.

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