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Zero Motorcycles 2013 range, more speed and more durability
Zero Motorcycles 2013 range, more speed and more durability

Zero Motorcycles presents its new range of motorcycles for 2013 and with them it promises us benefits that until recently seemed impossible to achieve with an electric motorcycle. In this new range of motorcycles we are promised that there are models that reach the 153 km / h top speed, models that are capable of roll 220 km in the city and that recharging its batteries (to 95% of its capacity) can be done in just one hour. What does it look good for? Let's take a closer look at the data.

Z-Forze technology, brushless motor and modular battery

Zero Motorcycles 2013 range

Zero has made a great leap in its 2013 range towards the latest technology available to enhance its products. On the one hand they apply brushless motors air-cooled that are capable of 99% more power than their predecessors. This means that they can now reach the 54 hp with a torque of 92 Nm, which is valid for propelling some models up to 153 km / h. On the other hand, a modular 102-volt battery is used and 2.8 kWh, 5.7 kWh, 8.5 kWh or even 11.4 kWh. All this by simply changing the battery modules using a technology called quick-swap, which allows this exchange in seconds. And to complete the combination, there is the CHAdeMO fast charging system that allows you to charge that battery to 95% in just one hour. In addition, all the bikes in the range have a regenerative braking system to recover some of the load when braking.

Zero Motorcycles has launched a APP for both iPhone and Android phones Through which you can adjust the performance of the motorcycle to achieve a sporty driving with all the available power or economical to rush until the last gasp of the batteries. Because on the customizable screen of your mobile you can see the exact status of the charge and energy consumption in real time while you drive. You can even calibrate the intensity of regenerative braking.

Zero Motorcycles 2013

And like any self-respecting motorcycle brand, Zero Motorcycles presents up to 23 accessories for your motorcycles. Accessories ranging from heated grips, suitcases and accessories developed by GIVI, optional screens, Off-road handguards or gloves, jackets and T-shirts for users. But the most interesting accessory is the CHAdeMO adapter fast charging, which allows the motorcycle to be connected to a fast charging station. The downside is that in Spain there are only six of these facilities. Two in Madrid, and one in Seville, Barcelona, ​​Valladolid and Bilbao respectively. If you live in another city you will have to connect your Zero Motorcycles to the home socket, something that you can do without problems.

CHAdeMO stations in Spain and Portugal

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New design and new model in the Zero Motorcycles line

In the aesthetic section, the models have been redesigned Zero S and Zero DS, with a new wider chassis even for the passenger. This chassis is more ergonomic, uses a more robust and rigid swingarm and includes the engine as a self-supporting frame element. Another detail is the integrated hood with lock that is located in the hole that the tank would occupy in a conventional motorcycle. The Zero DS model now uses 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels to enhance its off-road handling.

Finally, and to complete the range, we find the Zero FX, the model that we could classify as a citizen Supermotard, since it combines the Zero MX platform but with a more urban orientation to "do what you want and ride wherever you want" as they say in Zero Motorcycles. This model will be available from February next year to a price of 9,495 euros for the ZF2.8 version and 11,995 euros for the ZF5.7 version. At these prices it will be necessary to discount the aid offered by the governments, regional and national for electric vehicles.

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