Superbikes Magny Cours 2012: Sylvain Guintoli wins, Max Biaggi falls and everything will be decided in the last race
Superbikes Magny Cours 2012: Sylvain Guintoli wins, Max Biaggi falls and everything will be decided in the last race

More emotion impossible in the World Superbikes. Everything will be decided in the last race of the year, and it is thanks to today's first race the two pursuers of Max biaggi They have gotten much closer to the pirate. Why's that? Because Max crashed when we were on the third lap of the race, while Marco Melandri has been second and Tom sykes third. A race that has been very difficult for everyone due to the presence of our beloved rain, which always appears at the most opportune moment. We have seen everything, but summarizing a lot we are left with how tight the championship has become, and of course with the victory at the home of Sylvain Guintoli, very meritorious and worked, and making it clear that it did not hurt him to be thrown out of the chaotic Effenbert Liberty.

The traffic light went off and everyone's heart rate was through the roof (ours included). The rain was there again and the ground was completely wet. The traffic light goes off and we see Sykes rush off, something we're more than used to. Behind the Kawasaki 66 was placed Jonathan Rea, Eugene Laverty, Carlos Checa and a controlling Max Biaggi, with Melandri eighth. It didn't take long for Carlitos to get third, and it didn't take long for Max to pass his partner and get into a comfortable (relatively) fourth position. And then without a doubt came the most important moment of the race, when the Italian would go on the ground and destroy his Aprilia RSV, without any possibility of getting back on track.

Marco Melandri

Incredible hit of effect, and on top with Tom leading the race and Melandri coming back from behind who was already fifth. A couple of laps later, it was Sykes who was going to suffer a bit, being outmatched by a Rea that went to the limit with the new and beautiful decoration of the Honda CBR1000RR. But Tom's problems did not end here, as Checa approached from behind and jeopardized his second position. Unfortunately, Checa had a substitute who was followed by a full-blown crash, so luck was allying himself with Sykes and leaving him the quieter path, since Guintoli and Melandri were coming from behind, but at the moment quite far away.

Rea continued with the direct to take the victory, and he was already taking his pursuer more than eight seconds away, but with eleven laps to go, we witnessed another coup in the course of this crazy race. Jonathan continues to shoot to death and hits his bones on the wet asphalt of Magny Cours. Sykes returned to lead and the championship was put in a fist, with only 5.5 points of difference between Tom and Max. But Melandri did not give everything up for lost, and Guintoli at home as well, and it did not take long to hunt down a Sykes with problems in the second part of the race as usual.

So in the absence of nine laps they are already glued to their wheel and they do not take long to overtake, but we are witnessing a surprise, and that is Sylvain is not going to settle at home and wants victory. After a heart attack lap with the three pilots fighting side by side, things stabilize with Guintoli first, Melandri second and Sykes third. From this moment until the end we have already seen a few changes and only as each one was progressively moving away from his pursuer. So, as I said, the podium was taken by Guintoli in first place, Melandri in second and Sykes in third, leaving the world wide open.

Tom sykes

Behind the leading trio, an excellent Maxime berger in the fourth position, Leon haslam in the fifth and Ayrton badovini in sixth, while Laverty was seventh, Davide Giugliano eighth and, attention, Claudio Corti in his debut in the championship he was ninth. Very good for the Italian. Only thirteen drivers have finished the race, and we have also seen the falls of drivers such as Leon Camier, that he has taken a good blow, or Chaz Davies.

So that, the general classification is on fire right now, and the three candidates that we presented for this weekend, continue with options for the title. It is true that Biaggi is still the one with the advantage, but surely his fall is giving him a lot to think about right now. The Roman leads Sykes by 14.5 points, while Marco is 18.5 points. It may seem like a sufficient income, but we just saw the first race …

So far this first race, with an unforeseen script that will make us glued to the screen to see what finally happens. If I'm nervous… how could these gentlemen not be right now? Place your bets and in just a few hours we will know the winner. Better impossible ending for this Superbike World Championship, and next year this awaits us in Jerez, I don't even want to imagine it. Bufff!

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