Randy De Puniet and Aleix Espargaró stay with Aspar in 2013
Randy De Puniet and Aleix Espargaró stay with Aspar in 2013

Unknowns continue to be cleared up for the MotoGP World Championship in 2013, and there are already few left. Today it is the turn of the most coveted mount in terms of CRT it means. I am talking of course about the ART with which the team has Power Electronics Aspar, it must be recognized that they are sweeping the rest within the track. Well, after many pools and much uncertain future, it has already been confirmed that both Randy de puniet What Aleix Espargaró They will continue with the same weapons and in the same team that is giving them such good results this year. And right from the start, I can say that it seems like a success on the part of all those involved.

And it is that although right now the CRTs are like a kind of subcategory within the opulence of the official prototypes, the truth is that nothing can be objected to the performance of the Aspar team's motorcycles, and it should not be forgotten that the eye is set on 2014, when supposedly we will witness very important changes in the premier class, where the advantage of these guys could be seen in a future that is not as distant as it seems.

The fact is that the dominance of the Power Electronics Aspar pilots so far this season is unquestionable, with five wins for Randy and six for Aleix, thus obtaining eleven of the fourteen possible. Likewise, the general is burning between the two companions, and right now the Frenchman overtakes Espargaró in just two points. Come on, if it is not one, it is another, but it is clear which team will be the champion of the CRT. So, with this panorama, it is normal that the drivers were interested in continuing in the same structure, and that Aspar (with many more problems in the other two categories), does not want to be shocked and prefers to continue evolving with these two drivers.

It is not surprising of course that the statements are more than satisfactory on the part of all. Let's start with those of Jorge Martínez Aspar:

Aleix Espargaró

Now we go with the opinion of our friend Randy, that being one of those pilots that I love, he had me in suspense with his future. Although certainly, I wouldn't have minded seeing him at the Superbike World Championship for example, hehe. In any case he seems happy, and that is the important thing:

And what to say about Aleix, the truth is that you only have to see the gestures and his face when he is the first CRT to see what he is enjoying a great time this season. Here are his words:

In short, everyone is happy. Now we only have to hope that the CRTs take one more step for next year and we see them a little higher. They will also have competitors like Hector Barberá that can give a lot of themselves on these bikes too. We will see how everything progresses, but for now let's attend the final stretch of the championship and wish the best of luck for Randy and Aleix. May the best win this year, that for the next there is still a tad.

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