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Honda Scoopy SH125i 2013 test (features and trivia)
Honda Scoopy SH125i 2013 test (features and trivia)

Barely a month ago we announced the imminent arrival of the new 2013 Honda Scoopy SH125i. A scooter that for example in Barcelona literally sweeps the streets by the large number of units sold. And that is precisely where we traveled to thoroughly test one of the most anticipated novelties of the Japanese wing brand. And expected not only for being one of his icon motorcycles but for seeing how he would do to stay ahead from other high wheel scooters.

2013 Honda Scoopy SH125i, more than a million units and 28 years later

1984 Honda SH80

First a little history lesson. Do you know when the Honda Scoopy first appeared on the market? Then back in 1984 when Europe was infested with Vespa scooters. AND came breaking schemes. For those who did not experience it, you cannot even imagine how people looked at that ugly Honda duck that broke with everything that had been up to now.

The Honda Scoopy SH80 It was a high-wheel motorcycle, with a plastic body, a two-stroke engine with separate greasing, automatic transmission with a watertight belt, electric starter … These Japs are crazy! The Italians must have thought. Well no, they weren't. Simply they anticipated the market and they offered one more twist to its model par excellence, the Honda Super Cub with which it had certain similarities.

Quickly the market was positioned in two camps: those who hated it and those who were in love with it. It usually happens when someone does something out of the ordinary. But little by little it gained followers who realized that the stability which featured 16”wheels, the utility of the flatbed to carry objects and their benefits In the city and the suburbs they couldn't find it anywhere else at that time.

And time goes by and the Honda Scoopy is not far behind. It evolves at the same time that the market does and in the latest version, the one recently presented 2013 Honda Scoopy SH125i has tried to find the squaring of the circle, making all the improvements that the users requested come true.

Honda Scoopy SH125i 2013, 2, 11 l / 100 and 355 km of autonomy

Honda Scoopy SH125i

Yes, I have neither gone crazy nor have I made a mistake when putting the numbers. These are the figures that the 2013 Honda Scoopy SH125i has been approved and although we could not carry out a consumption test on the way, I assure you that your gas cost is ridiculous. More than anything because in all the kilometers we did, the needle did not move one iota of the maximum.

Honda has achieved these figures thanks to several tricks of the almendruco, that is, to technology that you have moved to your new motor called eSP or Enhanced Smart Power focused on low internal friction. To go even further, the 2013 Honda Scoopy SH125i is equipped with the so-called Idle stop (automatic idling stop system) that is also equipped on the Honda PCX.

Although we will talk in more detail about its operation tomorrow, I can tell you that it is a system that automatically stops the engine when this is at nominal temperature and is idling for more than three seconds. As soon as we turn the gas, it starts again immediately.

Some will say: that's going to kill the starter in a heartbeat. I would tell you that you are probably right … if it had a starter motor. How does it start then? Oh my friends, good question. Do you know what model is the Honda Zoomer? A 50 scooter with a visible tubular chassis and two funny headlights on the front.

Honda Scoopy SH125i

Well, it uses the technology that this scooter already equipped and that is none other than an induction start from the alternator to the crankshaft. As if by magic and without touching (do not tooooques … do not toooques what Juan Pedro would say with what was taught in Los Pilarines) the engine starts up again

Thanks to all these details get those consumption so tight that we have commented but the thing is that I can also give you other figures that will leave you as perplexed as me. For example, that consumption has been reduced by 25% compared to the current Honda Scoopy SH125i or that calculated with the kilometers a Catalan travels over a year (about 3,000) in twelve months € 95 will have been melted in gasoline. Yes, less than € 100 to move a whole year around the city, come on, the same as in a car. And one last piece of information: on a 25-minute tour of the city, the idle stop keeps the engine off (and without consuming or emitting into the atmosphere not a gram of CO2) more than five minutes.

And despite the fact that the new engine has a somewhat lower power (8'7 kW and 11 Nm of torque for 10, 1 kW and 11, 5 Nm of the 2012), it achieves an acceleration in the first 100 meters faster. And all because the curve maximum torque is achieved at lower revs. As a general culture, torque gives you acceleration and power to reach top speed sooner. If you deliver the torque earlier, even if it is lower, you will get faster acceleration even if it takes longer to reach top speed.

Honda Scoopy SH125i 2013, and finally the hole for the integral helmet arrived

2013 Honda Scoopy SH125i

Yes, one of the most demanded details comes with the 2013 Honda Scoopy SH125i and it is none other than a recess under seat for full face helmet. But if you look at the 16”wheel scooter market, with the exception of the SYM Symphony that can store some helmet models under the seat (but not all) in the rest take a jet and just barely. Of course, the Honda Scoopy SH125i had a crime because they only took Honda helmets and two more. And honestly, who buys a Honda helmet? Very few.

Therefore it must be that not too easy to make a high wheel scooter with good capacity Without the center of gravity being over our hump, we need platforms like Priscilla Queen of the Desert to reach the ground and be as wide as a Honda Goldwing. But the 2013 Honda Scoopy SH125i It has already succeeded and you can save any regardless of the size of the shell. And you still have some room for something else.

As the radiator has become on the side next to the engine, the vents for its ventilation and all associated pipes disappear from the front. The gap behind the shield is now larger and on the left side we have a small glove box without key to leave some objects.

2013 Honda Scoopy SH125i

Suspension is firmer In the new model, the rear shock absorbers are also adjustable in five preload positions. At the rear and as standard, it has a rack on which a top case can be attached without the need to purchase any separate coupling or hardware.

And speaking of purchasing separately. Another request was a side stand as standard because many women especially demanded it as they were not sure of being able to place it correctly on the easel. They ended up placing one of the auxiliary industry but now it is no longer necessary because once we have reached our destination, we can choose to park it on one or another position.

Honda Scoopy SH125i 2013, instrumentation and safety

2013 Honda Scoopy SH125i

The instrumentation of the 2013 Honda Scoopy SH125i It is completely new and combines a digital display with an analog speedometer. Two other small pointer indicators on both sides show us the fuel level and the engine temperature, while on the digital display we have the kilometer totalizer, the partial and a practical clock. On the sides of the speedometer and above the display, several warning lights indicate the operation of the Idle Stop, when to change the oil, turn signals, high-beam light and diagnosis of the PGM-FI electronic injection.

The front stands out as we said by the absence of the radiator grilles and by two headlights in vertical position that increase our visibility between the cars. The main light is still located on the handlebar.

2013 Honda Scoopy SH125i

The first version to be marketed will be the one equipped with ABS, thus being the first high wheel scooter 125cc to equip this active safety system. Later, another will be marketed with the CBS combined braking.

In the case of models with ABS, the front brake has two pistons while those with combined braking, the caliper has three pistons, one of which automatically brakes the front wheel when we act on the rear brake. ABS is brand new and its size and weight have been reduced by half, now weighing only about 630 grams.

According to what we have been able to read, Looks like the 2013 Honda Scoopy SH125i promises. But tomorrow we will test it thoroughly, in Barcelona, ​​the cradle of this particular model. Will you be able to pass with good marks or will you prefer to throw yourself into the sea and let the current of the Mediterranean carry you away? Stay tuned tomorrow.

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