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New in Cologne Hall 2012: Yamaha concepts for the near future
New in Cologne Hall 2012: Yamaha concepts for the near future

At Cologne Hall 2012 They have also been presented concepts like these two that we bring you from Yamaha. On one side is the Yamaha Moto Cage-Six, a concept oriented towards the Stunt Bike sector and the Crossplane concept, a three-cylinder engine proposed by the brand to power a new generation of medium-displacement motorcycles. Let's take a look at both of them.

Yamaha Cage-Six, Stunt Urbana

Yamaha Moto Cage-Six

The Yamaha Moto Cage-Six It is a motorcycle of urban inspiration and Stunt orientation according to its designers. Equipped with reinforced metal tubes that are intended to accentuate its powerful appearance and also offer additional protection to the engine. Although to be honest I think this is nothing more than an exercise in style in a probing plan to see what people think of a motorcycle decorated in such a radical way. Although you never know and maybe we will see in the next catalog all these accessories for the XJ family motorcycles.

Next-generation three-cylinder crossplane

3-cylinder Yamaha engine concept

The Crossplane Concept tells us about a new iteration of the Crossplane that we already know in the Yamaha YZR-M1 and YZF-R1 that has given the brand such good results in these years. Engines that offer their power and torque in a linear manner like no other four-cylinder on the market. Of course, this version has had to start practically from scratch because Yamaha does not make anything similar.

Our engineering friends have discovered that an in-line three-cylinder engine maintains power at low revs of a twin cylinder and stretched at high revs of a four-cylinder. So in the purest Asian style at Yamaha they have joined the spirit jiri kano, which has allowed the brand to manufacture revolutionary motorcycles such as the Yamaha XT500, FZ750 or more recently the R1, with the Genesis concept, which leads them to develop a motorcycle as if it were a living being.

The result, combined with GENICH electronic technologiesIt is this motor, which has been exhibited as if it were a sculpture in which the cables connect the different components together in an integral way. Something like when we were presented with the first ideas of the Yamaha Super Ténéré in which a few strips of cloth around the engine gave a glimpse of what the motorcycle would be like.

Going down to a more conventional plane, and recalling the news that its rivals have hinted throughout this year and those that have been presented in this same Hall of Cologne 2012, it was to be expected that Yamaha was preparing more than a few touches on the colors and some aesthetic redesign for its two-wheeler range. We can only wait for this three cylinder to be as successful as the three references they have indicated.

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