The success of the electric vehicle will begin with motorcycles
The success of the electric vehicle will begin with motorcycles

Electric motorcycles and mopeds continue to gain ground in the midst of the economic crisis, as seen in a Enrollment Increase by Nearly 84%. In total about 1,090 units sold, according to data provided by the AutoScout24 platform, although the weight of electric motorcycles in the two-wheel market as a whole is still a minority, with 1.2% of sales, its rate Growth in the medium term will be robust despite the current situation and the rise in VAT, which will slow down sales in the final stretch of the year.

Electric motorcycle price

The operations of mopeds and electric motorcycles are expected to exceed the 1,500-unit barrier at the end of 2012, which represents a growth of 85.6% compared to the average fall of 18.8% expected for this market as a whole. In 2013, there are also forecasts on electricity purchase and sale operations that will continue to rise, although at a somewhat lower rate, of 47%, to exceed 2,200 units. Regarding the most demanded brands Chinese Yadea leads with 220 units and very successful designs at a very competitive price, followed by another of the largest Chinese electrical manufacturing companies Ningbo Guewer Ltd with 149 units and in third place the well-known Zero with 84 units.

Electric motorcycles sweep when compared to cars. In fact, the share of electric vehicles only accounts for 0.1% of the total market, twelve times less than in the case of motorcycles, which account for 1.2%. And the advantages of electric motorcycles are obvious:

  • Its fuel consumption, about 50 cents per 100 kilometers, is three times less than that of a gasoline motorcycle, not to mention its "zero emissions" character.

  • The two wheels do not need specific recharging points, since they can be charged from a conventional socket in the home itself in just under three hours.

  • The small size of its batteries allows some models to house a spare one under the saddle, thus dispelling the fear of being stopped in the middle of a journey.

  • Its maintenance is much cheaper and less frequent than that of a conventional motorcycle, electric motors are simpler.

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