France aims to allow motorcycles to circulate in the countryside
France aims to allow motorcycles to circulate in the countryside

The decision of the French Government comes after the meetings held by the French off-road sector made up mostly of associations, federations, etc … as well as these types of meetings are held in our country and with the Ministry of Ecology, in Spain of Environment. They also have the support of the Ministry of Sports, which of course, here is neither known nor expected. A) Yes the modification of the absurd French law focuses on a single extremely accurate sentence:

Albi, flooded road

The French law subject to modification, which was called the Lalonde Law, now recognizes the importance that the sports and tourism approach to off road matters. Something similar to what has happened in Catalonia, a pioneer in our country in modifying these laws and which we hope will happen the same in the Galician community.

Our legislators had better look a little more in the aspects of the Lalonde law of January 91 that they have modified, such as:

Motor vehicles can circulate freely on routes and roads open to public circulation

Freeride Albi trail

And as I always tell you when I touch on this topic, I have been going out on a field motorcycle for more than 15 years, I know the terrain where I ride and I know how it was and how it is. Sometimes I don't even see my own brands despite circulating for so many years in the same places. Like almost all groups, the users of the field motorcycle are made up of many types of people and those who destroy newly sown land, mark, circulate through the riverbeds, scare herds or simply do not respect other users of the field. They are not "those of the motorcycles" in general, but people in particular who at that moment are driving a motorcycle.

Be tough on these people, but don't tell me I can't go through a ancestral path flooded with brambles and weeds that has been lost due to disuse, that it does not circulate on paved paths and all because they do not have a certain width, or because "theoretically" I damage the field. And all this justified by ambiguous and unfair regulations.

Luckily for us motorcyclists, we are not the ones who cause the serious fires or destroy many hectares of forest mass, we do not pollute with dioxins or promote urban projects, we do not dump waste and our vehicles produce minimal emissions. Although until now we are treated as criminals Let's hope that reforms like this one will be exported to our country and let's finish by eradicating ABSURD from our territory.

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