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New in Cologne Hall 2012: Honda CRF450 Rally, the return of the Japanese brand to the Dakar Rally
New in Cologne Hall 2012: Honda CRF450 Rally, the return of the Japanese brand to the Dakar Rally

We already knew that for 2013 Honda would be present again at the Dakar Rally but the only information that had reached us was the conceptual drawing of the motorcycle that today has been officially presented at the Cologne Intermot Hall which just started a few hours ago. And in addition to we also know its definitive name: Honda CRF450 Rally.

His last official participation dates back to 1989. Since 1981 when he lined up for the first time in what is considered the toughest Rally in the world and in nine years of uninterrupted participation, Honda was able to win four times, the first of them in 1982 by the hand of the French Cyril Neveu.

Honda CRF450 Rally: starting from the enduro model

Honda CRF450 Rally

The Honda CRF450 Rally is based directly on your enduro model, the Honda CRF450X although in order to reduce consumption and increase durability it has equipped it with the system of PGM-FI injection. Honda's idea is to get its first victory in the Dakar Rally starting from the base of a one hundred percent production motorcycle. The applied technologies flow in two directions since it has endowed the Honda CRF450 Rally of all the technology already applied in commercial vehicles but in addition, it will serve as a test bed for future models of the wing brand.

The Honda team for the 2013 Dakar Rally it will be made up of five drivers, some old acquaintances if you are fans of the race year after year. So we can find Helder rodrigues (Portugal), Felipe Zanol (Brazil), Sam sunderland (UK) and Javier Pizzolito (Argentina) together with the 11-time Baja 1000 champion, the American Johnny campbell.

the first official participation of the Honda CRF450 Rally will be in the Morocco Rally which starts on October 14. It will be his baptism of fire in which the five riders will try to fit into their new mount and at the same time, polish the possible failures that may arise in the face of the Dakar Rally.

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