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SYM Joymax 300i GTS, test (highway driving and passenger)
SYM Joymax 300i GTS, test (highway driving and passenger)

With 30 CV under our buttocks I knew that with the SYM Joymax 300i GTS It was not going to happen to me like the 125 I had taken lately, which had already taken all the possible juice out of them even before the end of the acceleration lane entering the freeway. In this case I knew I had a sufficient power reserve as if at least not having the feeling that I was going to end up burning the engine before reaching my destination.

As we said, the SYM Joymax 300i GTS It delivers a very linear power that is especially noticeable when we approach the three figures. It therefore allows us maintain cruises of 120 km / h real Although the road has ascending slopes of a certain magnitude and we will not end up giving the throttle two turns with that unpleasant sensation of seeing how our speed decreases and we can do nothing to avoid it.

PWe can consider medium or long distance routes Without major problems since the seat has a very comfortable padding, the lumbar support will allow us to drive rested and the space enough for the more normal sizes than mine that will allow us to carry our legs relaxed.

SYM Joymax 300i GTS

The stability On the highway at high speed it is good. In areas with bad asphalt or speed bumps, we also notice that the rear suspension is originally set a little soft but we can fix it quickly since it is adjustable in preload in five positions.

What if we notice in the SYM Joymax 300i GTS is that as it is not a small scooter, we will have to be attentive to the side wind blows. There is enough lateral surface to move us laterally with enough force, so we will have to be vigilant when overtaking trucks or passing through open road areas.

And speaking of the wind, the frontal protection It is correct, although it was too low for me personally. For people who are approximately 1.80 tall, the dome will divert the air directly over the helmet, so it will be necessary to find a correct position to avoid any unpleasant slipstream. As an option, you can put an upper flange that will deviate even more if the air fits if we travel long distances on the highway.

SYM Joymax 300i GTS

I don't want to leave out the vision through the rear-view mirrors. Although seen from the back (where the indicators are integrated) they may not appear too large, the surface intended for the mirror is immenseLike a seven-inch tablet at least. The pity is that despite their large size, half of them miss out on seeing our hands and elbows, although in turn they largely minimize the blind spot. If we want to see exactly what we have behind, we will have to slightly open our arms and thus, below the armpit we will be able to appreciate it perfectly.

The regulation of the mirrors in the SYM Joymax 300i GTS (which also have the detail of being foldable in case we leave the motorcycle parked in a narrow place) is carried out by means of the movement of the mirror itself. At high speed on the highway they vibrate a lot and we no longer appreciate so clearly what we are lagging behind so the best thing is to do a race like Dani Pedrosa.

SYM Joymax 300i GTS or how to have to lower a passenger by the hair

SYM Joymax 300i GTS

From the hairs on the arms because my official fitting room has short hair and with the helmet I could not hook him by the sideburns. As he got into the passenger seat and we walked the first few meters, I leaned back because it seemed strange to me that we weren't touching and still, I did not get to contact him.

The space for the co-pilot is gigantic. The two-height seat has its own independent backrest and footpegs with a very comfortable and successful drive. To unfold them, all you have to do is press your finger inwards a little and they will unfold automatically. To put them back into storage, we will push them until we hear a “click” and at that moment they will be easily in their retracted position. In addition to the backrest, the passenger has two generously sized handles, one on each side although the truth is hardly necessary to use them.

Weight gain in the rear does not dynamically slow down the SYM Joymax 300i GTS. It feels almost as nimble around town and the rear brake will work even more effectively thanks to the extra grip that those extra pounds provide.

SYM Joymax 300i GTS

We went out to test it on the road and again feels quite agile although unfortunately the ground clearance is drastically reduced. If we assiduously carry a passenger, we will have to harden back if we do not want to graze with relative ease in roundabouts, especially if we are one of those who like to pull the bike quickly. Again we are surprised by the good performance of its engine that even with raises of consideration do not protest and maintains cruises with a good speed.

And so we traveled a few kilometers until when we reached the destination I asked him how he was going back. Very comfortable. So far the most comfortable passenger scooter I have ever tried. Only a little air reaches the knee area and despite sitting higher, the dome provides enough protection and there are no uncomfortable leakages on the back or the rear of the helmet. In fact the comfort in The SYM Joymax 300i GTS is far superior to that of for example the Yamaha T-MAX 530, which has a smaller and harder seat. Hence, I almost had to go down in a huff to be able to continue the march …

We have almost reached the end of the test, although we still have to talk about the average consumption, the gap that we find under the helmet and some more details. What I think I don't need to tell you is that so far the SYM Joymax 300i GTS is leaving us with a very good taste in our mouths.

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