Police kill the fun of a rally in Missouri, but why?
Police kill the fun of a rally in Missouri, but why?

Today I do not bring you one, but two videos to try to explain the delicate situation that took place last September in a concentration held in the American city of St. Louis Missouri. This concentration has been held for the last ten years and is named Ride of the Century, something like the ride or the trip of the century. Well, as usual, thousands of motorcycles gathered, but problems arose, as we will see in the first video, with the police determined to end the fun of all of them …

As you will see, in this first video you can see a good handful of motorcycles circulating in a civilized way and without causing major problems, enjoying a meeting that is already a classic. But Suddenly the police make their appearance and everything suggests that something is going to happen. Thus, the sirens begin to sound and we see how everyone brakes abruptly, the reason? A police control of aupa blocking the way and circulating in the opposite direction to the motorists trying to stop them (in every way). Let's finally see the video and now we continue commenting:

Nothing in these images that you have seen makes the police action seem justified, on the other hand as expeditious as is usually customary in those parts, but, you know what? There is something that already puzzles me, because the immediate reaction of most motorcyclists (I have my reluctance to call them bikers) is … run away, using even agriculture as an escape. I do not know about you, but if I am involved in a concentration and the police cut me off or rush at me, I have no problem in stopping and trying to clarify what may happen. And it is that friends, it gives me the impression that these guys, for some reason, had things to hide.

And for that I bring you the other video, because yes, here some friends from the ‘Ride of the Century’ do endless crazy things on an open road, and that’s sorry, but it’s unjustifiable. In fact, you just have to see before anything comes out, the number of motorcycles that are seen that are prepared for the stunt. But doing this type of stunt on the road does not bring anything good, endangering their integrity (everyone there) and, most importantly, that of the rest who do circulate calmly and without doing any of this. And of course, as can also be seen, all perfectly equipped and with the most appropriate clothing (ironic mode on).

So, as a conclusion, I can only reprove the behavior of those we have seen in the video doing nonsense. Now, regardless of this, the police action also seems very disproportionate to me, let us not forget that it has also endangered the integrity of many of those who were circulating correctly. As you can see, I have stuff for everyone, and the performance of the two parties leaves much to be desired. What do you think? By the way, everything resulted in thirteen arrests and around ninety fines.

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