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The new pole system for 2013. Carmelo Ezpeleta gives a glimpse of what it could be like
The new pole system for 2013. Carmelo Ezpeleta gives a glimpse of what it could be like

We already know a little more about how he will be new system to be established in the queen category of the MotoGP World Championship in 2013 for get pole position and with it go out in the front row on Sunday (or Saturday if we are in Assen). This is how the CEO of Dorna saw it, Carmelo Ezpeleta, in an interview given to Telecinco during the Aragon Grand Prix. We can stop guessing because after seeing what they have seen, they have everything very clear. Only specify the times dedicated to the new sessions that appear. We are going to detail it a little more.

QP 2013: only twelve can remain

To get started, they would take the times of the three free sessions (the two on Friday and the morning on Saturday, FP1, FP2 and FP3) and with it a combined classification would be elaborated. From it the pilots would separate in two groups, one with the ten fastest drivers and one with the rest.

When QP started and for a time to be defined (let's say 30 minutes), two pilots would have the opportunity to be re-caught to the group of ten chosen to contest pole. These would be the ones with the best times of the unclassified drivers once those 30 minutes of timed qualifying have been finished.

Once this is finished, these twelve pilots would go on to dispute two qualifying sessions of approximately 15 minutes each in which they would fight each other for the definitive pole position.

In this way it is avoided as we said, that slower drivers can take advantage of the wheel of the fastest at the end of the session and thus achieve a non-real time facing the race and that, precisely in these last moments, that these runners hinder the search for the fastest time. In addition, with less presence of pilots on the track, it would be faster to get one or more clean laps, no traffic ahead.

To me personally I think it is a very good decision It does not hurt in the search for the best set-up of the motorcycle but at the same time, it favors the spectacle in the fight to get the best time for the next day. You just have to see how entertaining they are and the strategy fight in the last session of the Superpole of Superbikes.

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