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SYM Joymax 300i GTS, test (characteristics and curiosities)
SYM Joymax 300i GTS, test (characteristics and curiosities)

Today we started with a new test but we should have published it last week. However, I could not meet her when I found myself ill. Thus I appologize and I confirm to Julio López, who told me on twitter that your forgiveness would be with a double portion of tests. We are working on it and it is going from strength to strength. As you have seen on the cover, the motorcycle that we bring you this week is the latest SYM novelty in the scooter segment, the SYM Joymax 300i GTS which our reader Kike PM guessed perfectly in the corresponding teaser.

The SYM Joymax 300i GTS As we said, it is the bet of the Taiwanese giant in the segment of medium displacement scooters and is accompanied by a quality and finishes that, as we will see, they have nothing to envy to the heavyweights of the category. I do not want to anticipate events but it is a product that has come out very well and that confirms that things are being done step by step and correctly.

SYM Joymax 300i GTS: new powertrain and chassis in this megascooter

SYM Joymax 300i GTS

Due to its size we could include it in the megascooter segment and by appearance among the most sporty in the sector. To give you an idea, its total length is 2,175 mm with a wheelbase of 1,535 mm while a Yamaha T-MAX 530 shows figures of 2,200 mm and 1,580 mm and a BMW C 600 Sport, 2,155 mm and 1,591. mm respectively. Small, what is said small is not. Logically the weight is also high but not as much as the previous two that we mentioned, and on the scale it stays below 200 kg.

The propeller of the SYM Joymax 300i GTS it is brand new. It is a 300 cc with four valves, electronic injection and liquid cooling that throws a 30 hp total power. Among its main characteristics stands out the ceramic bath that lines the inside of the cylinder. This achieves greater engine reliability as well as a much more constant thermal performance.

The chassis, the double cradle made of steel, is also new. It consists of a structure called “double bone” that increases stiffness in the front axle in addition to achieving less flex. This is called the “twist” effect, which is none other than the twisting that can be felt in some scooters when they are rolled close to the limit.

The SYM Joymax 300i GTS It is included within the so-called small wheel scooter. At the front, it mounts a 120 mm tire on a 14 "rim, while at the rear a 140 mm wheel is used on a 13" rim. With this approach we expected a good behavior in the city but, driven by an engine with enough horsepower, we wanted to put it on the road to see how it behaved.

SYM Joymax 300i GTS

To overcome it with a good note the suspension front, a conventional fork with a travel of 88 mm and the double rear shock absorber adjustable in preload had to be in complete harmony, and not be set too hard or too soft since the user to whom it is directed does not look so much for the sporty response as if a behavior for every day.

In section brakes has a combined system. Both front and rear mounts individual 260 mm diameter discs bitten by two-piston calipers. The front brake is completely independent but when we activate the rear, a second hydraulic circuit sends pressure to the front caliper, achieving a rbraking distribution of approximately 70% at the rear and 30% at the front.

SYM Joymax 300i GTS: from top to bottom loaded with multiple accessories

SYM Joymax 300i GTS

One of the things that most caught my attention during the test of the SYM Joymax 300i GTS is the lots of curious and useful details What can we find. To begin with, the one that attracts the most attention is the automatic lighting of the lights. Yes, just like the latest generation cars.

For this we have a twilight switch under the front dome that knows the degree of brightness available. The switch located on the right hand side for controlling the lights has three possibilities: position, crossover and automatic. If we place it in position or drive with it automatically while it is daytime, each LED light strips They will be visible in the upper part of the lighthouse, while if it is night or we turn the switch to position, both optics will turn on.

A pity that in Spain the automatic position cannot be used by regulations since we are obliged to circulate with the low beam on during the day. But SYM Joymax 300i GTSAs it is destined for other countries with other laws regarding traffic regulations, if you can use this curious and interesting gadget.

Too equipped as standard with two fog lights that can be connected from a button located behind the shield. Next to it we also find another to turn on the four indicators at the same time (the so-called warning). These fog lights are completely gutter, and allow us to see what is at a very close distance from the front wheel. And a little below the buttons, a heating outlet If we want the hot air to be carried directly from the radiator to our legs, to be warmer when the cold strikes.

The seat dispose of lumbar support adjustable in length for the driver and also another backrest for the passenger, as well as handles on the sides. Below we find a large illuminated gap for two helmets (we'll talk more about it later).

SYM Joymax 300i GTS

The platform is not flat and between our legs we have the fuel filler neck It is located under a manually operated cover. The cap has a key lock. And speaking of locks, the contact has a curious anti-theft system. We will also talk about him in depth in the next installment.

To the right of the handlebar, a generously sized glove compartment It contains inside a 12 V cigarette lighter socket and another with USB plug so that we can charge a smartphone without any problem. A curious detail and very useful.

Finally, the scorecard it has a striking blue illumination and is made up of four spheres. The two main ones in the center show us speed and revolutions. The latter is shared with a small digital display in which we can find the time at the top and bottom, switch between various modes (total kilometers, a partial and battery voltage). It does not have an on-board computer that indicates data such as consumption or other details that are beginning to become fashionable. On both sides, two other smaller spheres, one for the temperature and the other for the fuel tank level complete the set, as well as several witnesses (such as the one for the side stand unfolding).

And with this we finish the first part of our test. As you may have read, the SYM Joymax 300i GTS promises at first sight. I hope you are as eager as I was to go out and test it on the road. Tomorrow we start.

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