MotoGP Spain 2012: Romano Fenati wins in a festival of falls in Moto3
MotoGP Spain 2012: Romano Fenati wins in a festival of falls in Moto3

What a festival of falls that we have seen to start the day in the race of the category of Moto3 at Jerez circuit. As you know, we are in the second round of the World Cup calendar, and like all weekend, the weather conditions are being the main protagonists. With a declared dry race but with the asphalt still a bit wet, everyone had to overcome a good handful of scares. Only seventeen drivers have finished the race, but there is one that has shone above the rest: Romano Fenati, which has set an infernal pace given the conditions and which confirms what he already demonstrated in Qatar.

Behind the Italian, we have witnessed a beautiful fight for the other two places on the podium, which finally went to Luis Salom the second square and Sandro Cortese third. Shame about Alex Rins who has finished fourth after a race, and Maverick Viñales, who had to come back devilishly to finish sixth. We are going to try to put order in all this …

As I said, the race was declared dry, so obviously they all started on slick tires, but the track still kept the odd puddle and patch. The traffic light went out and the poleman Rins came out very well, Jakub Kornfeil, Miguel Oliveira and Jack Miller. But it would only take a few laps for Kornfeil, Miller and Oliveira to be erased from the race because of the falls. Meanwhile, Viñales had a scare with a runway start included that made him fall to position number twenty-eight, almost nothing!

Thus the things, the front zone was cleared leaving Rins, Fenati and Louis rossi in the fight for victory. Little by little, an excellent Álex was standing out, leaving his two companions on the way but… a track exit, left him back in the group and with the more than three seconds of advantage neutralized. In those, Rossi was on the ground, leaving the two first-time riders in the lead. With Fenati already leader, Rins suffered a fall, and although he has rejoined, he already did so in the second group and with all victory options lost.

In the meantime, Maverick was still working his way up, and Fenati was comfortable dominating the race, to the point that he has been setting lap after lap after lap. Incredible Italian! Which has cleared us of any doubts about how good it is. A very deserved first World Cup victory for him, taking 36 seconds to the second classified, and doubling up to the eleventh. As I said, and after a beautiful fight, Salom was second and Cortese third. Rins had to settle for fourth place, which is still an excellent result.

Fifth has been a Alexis Masbou That he went unnoticed for most of the race but he did great. Maverick sixth after the comeback that I was commenting on, and being aware that a hard year awaits him if he wants to be the first Moto3 champion, because the youngsters have come through the big door. Seventh Alberto moncayo, which after what he has suffered all weekend, must taste glorious, although obviously he must fight for better positions. Niccolo Antonelli has been eighth, Hector Faubel ninth and Zulfahmi Khairuddin has closed the top ten, of the total of seventeen pilots who have finished the race.

With these results, Romano Fenati becomes the new leader of the provisional general classification with 45 points, followed by ten points by Maverick Viñales who has 35. And very close Luis Salom with 33 and Sandro Cortese with 32 points. Come on, everything as tight and spectacular as possible.

So far what has given if this crazy Moto3 race where the falls and Fenati have become the main protagonists. We certainly continue to enjoy this new category, and everything makes us think that we still have great careers for these guys to go through. Let's see what happens in the two races that we have left in the Jerez Cathedral. The weather continues to threaten rain …

Moto3 provisional general classification: * 1. Romano Fenati, 45 points * 2. Maverick Viñales, 35 pts. * 3. Luis Salom, 33 pts. * 4. Sandro Cortese, 32 pts. * 5. Alex Rins, 19 pts.

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