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France sweeps Red Bull Six Days Enduro (ISDE)
France sweeps Red Bull Six Days Enduro (ISDE)

Between September 24 and 29 has been held in Saxony, germany, the most massive gathering of endurance riders in the world, a test that brings together the best pilots from each nation by country to face them in the Red Bull Six Days Enduro (ISDE) 2012. The route took 1,400 kilometers from the territories of western and central Saxony to the more than 400 pilots from some thirty countries that took part, adding a total of 300,000 visitors mobilized on the occasion of this event who had their nerve center in the Sachsenring circuit. France has been the dominant country in each and every one of the major categories, taking the lead in the World Trophy, Junior World Trophy, Women’s World Trophy and in the individual E1, E2, E3 and women.

The French national team, counting in its ranks the two recent enduro world champions, was made up of Antoine Meo, Rodrig Thain, Johnny Aubert, Pierre-Alexandre Renet, Sebastien Guillaume and Christophe Nambotin, and these have been the proper names of the big winners of the 2012 edition of the ISDE.

ISDE 2012: day 1

Australia ISDE

The opening day of the eighty-seventh edition of the ISDE began in the same way that the sixth and last of the days of the test would end, with the French dominating the clock. Pierre-Alexandre Renet (Husaberg) finished first in the individual competition with four of his teammates in the top six, Antoine meo is placed second, Johnny Aubert fourth and Christophe Nambotin sixth. Behind the Australian team was placed four minutes apart, and completing the podium of the first day the Finnish army, who got off the podium for just four seconds.

Cristóbal Guerrero and Lorenzo Santolino with a spectacular result among the top four in its category, seconded by Ivan cervantes and Victor guerrero Among the top ten, they fought for the podium but had to settle for fourth place in their fight with the Finnish team.

ISDE 2012: day 2

Spain ISDE 2012

On the second day France it swept in the same way, on the same route as the previous day but quite beaten after 450 pilots crossed it. Antoine Meo, Christophe Nambotin and Pierre-Alexandre Renet swept the scratch marks at E1, E2 and E3 and increased their lead over the Australian team to 12 minutes apart by giving up precious minutes Toby Price due to problems with the spokes of one of the wheels of his motorcycle.

The Spanish team suffered a severe blow by having to retire Cristobal Guerrero, the fastest of ours, due to a fall that caused a shoulder dislocation. Thus, our team at the end of the day kept the fifth position, but 20 seconds behind the Finnish team. Meanwhile, the Italian team held the surprising third place 17 minutes behind the Gauls.

ISDE 2012: day 3


The new route to be covered was the only thing that changed halfway through the test because the dominators continued to be the same and the weather, although it was lurking rain, did not end up unloading. Except for the individual junior that was awarded the British Danny McCanney, France dominated again each and every one of the individual categories and the Trophies, both absolute, junior and female.

Finland was sinking by withdrawal of Juha Salminen and Spain advanced a place in the absolute general thanks to the Nordic misfortune and the abandonment of Oscar Balleti, one of the first swords of the Italian squad, although the difference accumulated by the French already exceeded thirty minutes. The second classified, the Australians, were already twenty minutes away from the leaders and twenty-seven from the third, the Italians.

ISDE 2012: day 4

Finland ISDE 2012

Finally the rain made an appearance and at the least opportune moment, when the fourth day was disputed, repeating the route of the third, very well-trodden the day before, so the terrain became very complicated. Antoine Meo, Christophe Nambotin and Pierre-Alexandre Renet they took the cat back to the water, and scratch passed the first place of each other and increasing the distance over Australia to 32 crushing minutes.

Italy continued struggling to stay on the podium, and the Finns made the grudge of the day by throwing the responsibility on Eero Remes's shoulder and pulling the team over the difficult and muddy terrain to return to place them fourth, surpassing the Spanish team. Aarón Bernardez suffered several falls That hurt the team by not being able to cancel the bad results due to the abandonment of Cristobal Guerrero on the previous day.

ISDE 2012: day 5

Spain ISDE 2012

The french team He continued with his boast and exhibited and dominated in all categories Except for the Club category that went to the hands of the Spanish. Instead of softening the sections were complicated with long routes full of natural obstacles and mud that took their toll on many of the participants in the pile while the strongest took advantage of the situation to take advantage of their superiority.

The Australians tried not to lose the wheel of the French, but they achieved little, since they were not able to reduce the accumulated 30-minute difference in the general classification. Ours tried to stalk the Nordics but with a 2-minute lead we would have to do wonders while the Americans came dangerously close behind, reducing the lead to just a minute, endangering fifth place in the Trophy.

ISDE 2012: day 6

ISDE 2012

The last test of the ISDE 2012 was held within the German Sachsenring circuit with a 70% percentage shot on hard asphalt and the old motocross circuit included in the complex, turning this test into a kind of test supermotard. Christophe nambotin It showed why he has recently been proclaimed world champion and won the scratch victory by showing the stripes to the rest by not measuring himself by timed times, but in a traditional style motocross. The victory in the Trophy, in the Junior Trophy, in the Women's Trophy, in Enduro 1, Enduro 2 and Enduro 3 and in the scratch, increase them to a position of absolute dominance that has never been seen before. They only gave in Club category before the Spanish people with the team formed by Jordi Figueras, Juan Pérez de la Torre and Kirian Mirabet.

Finally the Spanish selection it had to settle for sixth place when yielding to the push American, who in the last test managed to pass not only ours, but also the Finns by two scarce seconds, taking a magnificent fourth place final. Australia defended the second position 37 minutes behind the French hits, almost nothing, signing a job very well done during the six days of the test. Italy for his part he remained closing the podium but far from both the French, 47 minutes, and 10 from the Australians.

World Trophy:

    France: Antoine Meo, Rodrig Thain, Johnny Aubert, Pierre-Alexandre Renet, Sebastien Guillaume and Christophe Nambotin, 27:57:45 hours

  • 2. Australia: Glenn Kearney, Daniel Milner, Christopher Hollis, Matthew Phillips, Josh Strang and Toby Price, +37: 40.67
  • Italy: Maurizio Micheluz, Deny Philippaerts, Alex Salvini, Oscar Balletti, Manuel Monni and Mirko Gritti, +47: 54.09

    USA: Mike Brown, Destry Abbott, Kurt Caselli, Taylor Robert, Charlie Mullins and Russell Bobbitt, +58: 27.76

    Finland: Eero Remes, Antti Hellsten, Roni Nikander, Juha Salminen, Jari Mattila and Marko Tarkkala, +58: 29.20

    6. Spain: Victor Guerrero, Lorenzo Santolino, Ivan Cervantes, Cristobal Guerrero, Armand Monleon and Aaron Bernardez, +59: 02.84

Junior World Trophy:

    France: Jeremy Joly, Matthias Bellino, Alexandre Queyreyre, Kevin Rohmer, 5:23:17 PM

    Great Britain: Jack Rowland, Steve Holcombe, Alex Rockwell, Danny McCanney, +2: 43.68

    USA: Travis Coy, Andrew Delong, Thaddeus Duvall, Jesse Groemm, +15: 06.02

    Australia: Benjamin Burrell, Luka Bussa, Mitcham Harper, Lachlan Stanford, +31: 27.06

    Portugal: Bernardo Megre, Henrique Nogueira, Luis Oliveira and Diogo Ventura, +40: 14.15

Women’s World Trophy:

    France: Blandine Dufrene, Ludivine Puy, Audrey Rossat, 1:52:48 p.m

    Germany: Heike Petrick, Nina Oppenländer, Sabrina Lauke, +1: 52: 40

    Australia: Jessica Gardiner, Tanya Hearn, Tayla Jones, +1: 58: 18

E1 Individual Final:

    Antoine Meo, KTM, 5:32:38 AM

    Eero Remes, KTM, +5: 14.20

    Rodrig Thain, Honda, +10: 10.38

    Daniel Milner, Yamaha, +11: 44.35

  • 5. Lorenzo Santolino, Husqvarna, +12: 57.25
  • Antti Hellsten, TM, +12: 57.25

    Maurizio Micheluz, HM-Honda, +14: 41.90

    Jeremy Joly, Yamaha, +15: 38.61

  • 9. Victor Guerrero, KTM, +16: 01.93
  • Michael Brown, KTM, +16: 55.43

E2 Individual Final:

    Pierre-Alexandre Renet, Husaberg, 5:35:14 am

    Johnny Aubert, KTM, +10.07 sec

    Alex Salvini, Husqvarna, +2: 59.34 min

    Matthew Phillips, Yamaha, +3: 42.10

  • 5. Ivan Cervantes, Gas-Gas, +5: 14.43
  • Joshua Strang, KTM, +5: 18.39

    Taylor Robert, Kawasaki, +8: 33.93

    Mathias Bellino, Husaberg, +9: 08.40

    Thaddeus Duvall, Honda, +9: 12.38

    Robert Kvarnstrom, Beta, +10: 17.20

E3 Individual Final:

    Christophe Nambotin, KTM, 5:31:39 am

    Toby Price, KTM, +8: 59.11 min

    Joakim Ljunggren, +10: 06.97

    Aigar Leok, TM, +11: 31.97

    Marcus Kehr, KTM, +11: 37.00

    Manuel Monni, +12: 19.42

    Danny McCanney, Gas-Gas, +12.48.6

    Mirko Gritti, KTM, +14.04.71

    Sebastien Guillaume, Gas-Gas, +15: 42.73

    Marko Tarkkala, Beta, +17: 11.33

Women's individual final:

    Ludivine Puy, Gas-Gas, 6:33:54 am

    Heike Petrick, Husaberg, +26: 30.50 min

    Jessica Jonsson, Gas-Gas, +46: 14.86

Now all the riders can get ready for the quote from 2013 who will be received with open arms on the Italian island of Sardinia.

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