Second edition of the Honda ‘Motorist of the Year’ contest
Second edition of the Honda ‘Motorist of the Year’ contest

Honda has started up just as the contest did last year Rider of the Year in order to find the safest motorcyclist in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. This year the prize for the winner will be a brand new Honda NC700S.

The contest is open until May 27th for all adults with a motorcycle license (A or A2) and is divided into two phases. The first one consists of filling in a questionnaire 30 questions on driving techniques, regulations and first aid, freely accessible to any motorist and whose total score will be decided based on the correct answers, the incorrect answers and the time invested to answer them.

The 20 contestants with the highest score They will go on to the final phase to be held on June 16 at the facilities of the Honda Security Institute, where they will have to pass a series of practical and theoretical tests. The one who proves to be the most skillful and safest rider will receive a Honda NC700S as a prize, while the rest of the finalists will also win prizes. In addition, for all those who fill out the questionnaire, Honda will raffle three helmets on May 29 in a draw before a notary public.

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