Milan police and their electric scooters
Milan police and their electric scooters

Today it seems that the main issue is the unskilled politicians, because this morning we were talking about the Australian regulation that forced to change the front of one of the most beautiful motorcycles in history. This afternoon we are going to talk about one of those absurd maneuvers that politicians do so well but that end up costing a fortune in the pockets of the citizens who elect them. It turns out that in 2003, the local police of Milan announced that it was acquiring 108 Electric Scooters of the brand Oxigen. This way they could patrol the city without making noise or emitting polluting gases into the atmosphere. So far everything more or less normal.

The problem is that the local Milan police are not using those Electric Scooters because their batteries were considered dangerousInstead of repairing them, they have simply been piled up in a warehouse. So the 400,000 euros of the purchase of those electric Scooters has not been money well invested, if not it has been money thrown away. Well, not to the trash, because I imagine that the Scooters were paid to the manufacturer. Now so that the police do not walk, they have thought about buying them bicycles, which, in addition to being somewhat cheaper, also do not pollute and make the police do a bit more exercise.

Shame was green and was eaten by a donkey. Donkey who also ate those lilac 500 euro bills that ten years later no one has seen yet, like the honesty of some unscrupulous politicians.

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