Arrow and 'Quickshifter' footpeg discounts for the Triumph Daytona 675, Street Triple and Street Triple R
Arrow and 'Quickshifter' footpeg discounts for the Triumph Daytona 675, Street Triple and Street Triple R

From the May 1 and until June 30, the British brand Triumph will offer some interesting discounts on two of the "racing" accessories in its catalog: the Arrow set footpegs and the semi-automatic Quickshifter. This offer is for the Triumph Daytona 675, Triumph Street Triple and Triumph Street Triple R.

The semi-automatic transmission (Quickshifter) It allows you to go up gears without using the clutch and without having to cut off the gas, quite useful for example in overtaking very slow vehicles on conventional roads or for example on the track, where it can be fully exploited, avoiding, for example, pitching in the suspension of the motorcycle or the idle accelerations when opening the throttle before the clutch is fully released.


On the other hand, Arrow set footpegs They are made of aluminum alloy with an anodized finish and carbon fiber side skirts. Are fully adjustable in order to find the optimal driving position. They have been designed in direct collaboration between Triumph and Arrow Special Parts.

The Quickshifter can be installed on both standard and rear Arrow footpegs and even for those who regularly enter the track, Triumph offers the same price the semi-automatic transmission and the Arrow footpegs ready for reversed change.

Arrow footpegs

The discounts that Triumph will apply during these two months will be 20% for semi-automatic transmission and from 15% for rear footpegs. Therefore, the prices without including the assembly will be the following:

Semi-automatic transmission (Quickshifter): * Normal price: € 359 * Promotion price: € 287, 20

Arrow set back footpegs: * Normal price: € 485 * Promotion price: € 412.25

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