Il nostro “gira” migliore, the official Ducati Althea team book
Il nostro “gira” migliore, the official Ducati Althea team book

If you are like me who from time to time I like to give me a whim in the form of a book, you have a magnificent opportunity to get a copy of the Ducati Althea official team book titled Il nostro “gyro” migliore, or what translated into Spanish would be Our best return and which commemorates the title achieved in the Superbike World Championship 2011 by the Spaniard Carlos Checa.

The sample, 24x27cm and with 124 pages In full color it also contains exclusive images, anecdotes, racing strategy, statistics of the results obtained … It tells both in English as in Italian the complete history of the team and its work until the end of achieving the highest possible award.

The price is 29 euros excluding shipping costs and you can find more photos in the link that I put below from the publisher, Faenza, which is also the same book that Ciao Sic marketed a few months ago and is now part of my collection of rare and limited copies that I keep with great affection.

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