Dinli DL281 and DL282, claiming the kingdom of the world's largest monkey
Dinli DL281 and DL282, claiming the kingdom of the world's largest monkey

The most veteran will surely remember the Suzuki DR Big 750 that a few years later it would get a little fat until it became the Suzuki DR Big 800. This Trail bike built between 1988 and 1999 held the title of using the largest single cylinder engine manufactured in series. But since there is no evil that lasts a hundred years or a person who can endure them, it turns out that a Taiwanese brand has appeared that has decided to snatch that title from the Suzuki lords. They have also decided to do it with two motorcycles based on the same mechanics, we are talking about the Dinli DL281 and DL282.

I do not know if these motorcycles will be imported into Spain, and I also do not know the price they will have in the market if they reach it at some point. But the news is so "voluminous" that I think it deserves a bit of our attention. Because leaving aside the design, which you may like or not, what has caught my attention the most about these Taiwanese motorcycles is that in addition to using an engine with internal dimensions of 106 mm in diameter by 85 mm of stroke, it turns out that it has coupled a CVT clutch system and centrifugal variator.

Dinli DL281

Total, we can be in front of a maxi-Scooter camouflaged in the body of a Custom / Naked, an interesting idea that Honda is already exploring with the Integra, but with a technology that is much more than walking around the house. If we can say that a variator for a 750 cc single-cylinder engine is a thing of the home. Be that as it may, the Asian market is so far away that when some news like this comes out we cannot help but be surprised. Can you imagine a motorcycle of this size for three or four thousand euros?

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