Julien Dupont visits Rio de Janeiro
Julien Dupont visits Rio de Janeiro

Every time the name of the French trial rider comes up somewhere it is to entertain us with his skills somewhere in the world. That today he has a headline with his name does not mean more than Julian Dupont has visited another city, in this case, Rio de Janeiro. We know very well what he is capable of and the truth is that his particular way of doing tourism has begun to permeate the fans.

In the higher areas of Rio, Julian takes the controls of his motorcycle, looking in any corner, nook and ladder for a point to lean on. The trial, in its traditional way, is already a show, an exhibition of talent without equal. But, be it because of the setting or the context, more and more like this freestyle trial, urban and groundbreaking that has us hooked a few.

And it seems that, little by little, every traditional modality ends up deriving or creating its own freestyle category and, thanks to them, we can get to know the riders a little more. This trend is not surprising, as it is inevitable that each one expresses himself in the best way he knows. We leave you with the best images of the Brazilian city.

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