AGV RP60 helmet, classic style with current materials
AGV RP60 helmet, classic style with current materials

As indicated in the original Motosblog article, this helmet AGV RP60 It does not have any of the latest news seen in other helmets. It does not have an anti-fog screen, it does not have a chin guard, it does not have a sunscreen, nor a studied ventilation, nor GPS, nor anything similar, it is a helmet in the purest retro style. But as such, and this is already my harvest, I am sure that it will be sold like donuts among the most classic of the place. And as classics we can count many.

This new AGV RP60 is presented as a evolution of the classic helmets of the sixties, but manufactured with current technology. It includes a fiberglass shell, a completely removable, washable and anti-allergic interior, and a double ring closure system. The exterior image is completed with a synthetic leather fillet on the edge of the helmet, the necessary three buttons to install a small visor at the front and a clip to hold the rubber of the goggles at the back.

The weight of the set is 960 g, and the price varies between 155 euros for the flat color version and 195 euros for the metallic or decorated versions with a checkered stripe in racing plan. According to what is read on the AGV website, the helmet also comes with goggles and a removable visor.

Surely many of you who read this will be thinking "I will never wear a helmet like this" since in case of a fall you can leave your face like a map and / or break your jaw very easily. I completely agree with you. But among the more classic users that I have mentioned before, the safety of one of these helmets is the equivalent of a full-face helmet for the rest of the mortals, because the other option is to wear a plastic helmet with more military than hard hat but that matches the color of your motorcycle and that protects the same as a cloth cap. So if for less than 200 euros we have them a little more protected, better than better.

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