KTM Adventure 1290 hunted on the street
KTM Adventure 1290 hunted on the street

For a few months we had not had any spy photos to throw into our mouths, thank goodness that brands always remember us and prepare these "stolen" for us so that the media end up talking about their products as if the photographer had been misled. On this occasion we can bring you images of the KTM Adventure 1290 that has been photographed on the street. Because this spy photos is much worse than what they do to us with celebrities, even having press offices specialized in "capturing" spy photos of almost anything.

Although to avoid problems with the rights of the images we leave you a retouched photo in the header and we recommend that you take a look at the Infomotori photo gallery, which are the ones that have published the original photos. In them you can see that the forms of the new KTM Adventure 1290 They will be different from the current one, although they still retain the Kiska touch (the design cabinet in charge of the Austrian brand) We could even say that the fairing we see will not be the final one as it includes a front that is very reminiscent of the current KTM Adventure 990. Another part that we hope will change in the production is the huge exhaust we see in this. That goes a step beyond what we could qualify as ugly.

I trust that these spy photos will not torture us every month from here until the EICMA Show in Milan 2012 in November. At which point the KTM Adventure 1290 will be officially unveiled, one of the most powerful KTM in history, because their engine promise us that it will haunt the 130 hp.

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