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MotoGP de España 2012: where the Motorcycle World Championship really begins
MotoGP de España 2012: where the Motorcycle World Championship really begins

Although it must be recognized that the last inaugural Qatar GP has left a good taste in the mouths of all motorcycle racing fans. Especially in Moto2, with an impressive run of ours as a highlight of a national triplet weekend. I particularly believe, and this is mere personal opinion, that Qatar is more of a show and glamor GP. Something like the NBA All Star, (I can't think of another comparison), but at the beginning of the season. When the Motorcycle World Championship comes to Europe and does it in Jerez, it is something else. No streetlights and nocturnal wanderings. No deserts and sand on the track. All circuits have their technique and complications, but the Jerez Circuit takes these words to a higher level.

For technical layout, for his love, for the environment. The Spanish GP in Jerez is motorcycling in its purest form as it shows year after year and this 2012 season is not going to be less. We are going to leave the spiced lamb and the Qatari tea infusions, which have their own, I do not doubt it, and we are going to enter with a little Ham, fried fish and some beers. It goes without saying that those beers will be Without alcohol if you plan to travel on your motorcycle to Jerez lands. On the contrary, if this year you do not have the luck and the privilege of being able to go to the circuit to see the races live, we will tell you everything that happens in Motorpasión Moto. And as usual on these pages, among all of us who meet here, we give our opinion of what happens. Attentive to the schedules of the TV broadcasts that you can access at the end of the article.

Moto3: Maverick Viñales, the man to beat and the reference

Maverick Viñales

The Moto3 for being their first year they have a lot of room for improvement and the teams know that well. The tests that have been carried out at this Circuit of Jerez have provided a lot of information but they are not the same conditions that can be found in the race. More or less it is already known what these 250cc four-stroke motorcycles can give of themselves but, as we say, there is still a way to go and surely the timer will sing lower times as the season progresses. Between the IRTA tests and the last Qatar GP, the man to beat is called Maverick Viñales.

He is unstoppable as he has shown last season and at the beginning of this one. The fast riders will be there for sure and Jerez, under normal conditions, should be the territory of the Sandro Cortese, Luis Salom or Miguel Oliveira among others. Watch out for the Italian promise and surprise in Qatar, Roman Fenati. Although it is supposed to be its year of contact and learning, it can come up with "little to lose." Do not lose sight of either Danny Kent who did well last year on the defunct 125cc with a fourth place finish. My prediction for Moto3 is as follows:

  • 1. Maverick Viñales
  • 2. Luis Salom
  • 3. Alex Rins

Moto2: THE CATEGORY, period

Marc Márquez

Thus, with capital letters and without any doubt. They have already manifested it since its inception with some of the most exciting races that have been seen for many years. Unlike in MotoGP where the CRT issue still has to put things in its place, with the Moto2 category, Dorna has found the Holy Grail of motorcycle racing. I sincerely believe that not even they knew how well everything would develop for those CBR600 original engines, between chassis and suspensions from various manufacturers. On the negative side, the rugby scrum that forms in the first corner can be dangerous but the grid was limited at the time and the drivers have a lot to do with this as well. Excitement in style in Moto2.

And here you have to recognize Marc Márquez his place in the Olympus of the pilots who are overcome again and again. You do not have to go up to MotoGP, which will surely go up in its day, to prove anything. Qatar's career makes it clear that even after seeing himself in a very serious injury, he is still fighting. I personally interpret his first position at Losail as the strongest pilot mentally and it's my clear favorite for Jerez. Andrea Iannone Besides, I only see Spaniards in the top positions. Tito Rabat, Pol Espargaro, Toni Elijah, Julito Simon. But we must not forget that last year's podium was, Andrea Iannone, Thomas luthi, Simone corsi. My predictions below:

  • 1. Marc Márquez
  • 2. Tito Rabat
  • 3. Simone corsi

MotoGP: many suitors for a single girlfriend

Jorge Lorenzo

And it is that in the Circuit of Jerez anything can happen. The usual strong men are candidates for precisely that, because they are the best. But Jerez is a circuit that has gone well for riders who are currently not giving their best results or are having a bad time. Although it is true that last year 800cc were raced, Valentino rossi he got into fifth position and his teammate, Nicky hayden climbed the podium to the third step. As much as the Ducati-Rossi issue is being talked about, I do not rule out a red Bologna motorcycle on the podium. Valentino is a crack on the track but he is more dealing with media issues. He knew well what his last controversial statements would unleash in his public anger at Ducati. Do youThey have us all a little fooled?.

Jorge Lorenzo he won last year and after his victory in Qatar he is emerging as the strongest man and the favorite. Jerez is a circuit that the Mallorquin is good at and it seems that the Yamaha is very close to the Honda. The advantage that Honda had at the end of last season has disappeared and although you always have to count on Casey stoner for the win, his forearm problems can detract from the Australian's physique. AND Dani pedrosa It may be the unknown that solves the equation on this Andalusian track. The CRT battle between Colin edwars, Randy de Puniet and a Spanish expert on the track like Aleix Espargaró, it will surely be served. My podium prediction.

  • 1. Dani pedrosa
  • 2. Andrea Dovizioso
  • 3. Valentino rossi

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