Piaggio X-10 in May in dealerships
Piaggio X-10 in May in dealerships

At the last EICMA Show in Milan held in November, the Piaggio Group presented us with what will be its new Maxi Scooter, the Piaggio X-10, and at that time we were notified that it would be available for spring 2012. Based on the latest press release from the Italian brand, we can say that Starting in May, we will be able to purchase the Piaggio X-10 in its 125 cc version and from June the two versions of 350 cc and 500 cc will arrive at dealerships. Although among all of them the changes are quite subtle, so we can hardly differentiate them from each other without looking at the stickers on the side.

In November the press release was very extensive, and with its base we were able to break down the details of the three versions, so I recommend that if you are interested in the Italian Maxi Scooter, give a review of the article that we published at the time. I say this because it does not seem to me that the current press release contributes anything else. Well, what they do contribute is that the Piaggio X-10 125 cc will cost 4,300 euros in the basic version, while the version with ABS and ASR will get in 5,300 euros. The 350 cc version costs 5,500 euros, 6,500 with ABS, and the 500 cc version, which has ABS as standard, starts at 7,300 euros.. If these prices are competitive with respect to their direct competitors, I think that only the market will be able to say.

To complete the information available, here is the macro gallery that they have published in Piaggio and the video that Tor Sagen has made about the three models at the presentation in Paris.

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