E-CARVER, electric racing motorcycle
E-CARVER, electric racing motorcycle

Luca bar, the Italian designer that we have recently had on these pages, has a rather particular vision of what sports racing motorcycles should be tomorrow. We bring you to MotorpasiĆ³n Moto these sketches that may be interesting because the future of electric motorcycles should soon become more present than future. The electric scooter should not take long to prevail for trips in cities and extra radio. On the other hand, electric competition motorcycles are already a reality.

But This E-Carver is striking for its lines simple and refined. There are debatable aspects such as that very delayed foot position of the pilot. How does the different wheel diameter, front, rear translate to driving? Absence of fairing. The transmission goes in the swingarm, we assume. And the pilots? No fur and leather. Will hyper abrasion resistant and super light Cordura be the trend in competition?. Meanwhile, Luca Bar continues to design dreams although looking for E-Carver on the net we found a hybrid motorcycle-three-wheeled car, we see it below.

We suppose that it is due to patent issues since, as we say, E-Carver on the web, leads us to see a kind of three-wheeled car-motorcycle that has the particularity of tilt your entire body when cornering. And if memory serves us correctly, at the beginning of 2008, our colleague Luis Font brought us to MotorpasiĆ³n Moto an article with some photographs of the Carver One trike that doesn't look bad, although I personally prefer Luca Bar's E-Carver.

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