Superbikes Holland 2012: inexplicable race with Sylvain Guintoli as champion
Superbikes Holland 2012: inexplicable race with Sylvain Guintoli as champion

It had been a long time since I had seen anything like it. Yes, Moto2 racing is crazy and one of the most entertaining in the two-wheel scene. Also British Superbikes know a lot about entertainment. But never before had I seen up 14 drivers fighting for the lead in a dry race of the "queen" category of a world championship such as the by Superbikes. Unfortunately a red flag appeared when we least expected it, the clouds dropped over Assen and we saw a totally different race. In that chaos of opportunities and brave was Sylvain Guintoli the one who found the best balance between risk and prudence to reach the goal first.

Second was the Superstock 1000 champion, Davide Giugliano, because he knew how to impose himself on Carlos Checa when the latter was not expecting it. So we had a completely Latin podium. The weirdest thing one could have ever imagined on the Dutch circuit. Because obviously here, on this podium, there are a lot of people missing, truth? Where were the Tom Sykes, Leon Haslam, Jonathan Rea, Max Biaggi … well, we are going with it helping us with the fundamental video-summary.

The truth is that the rain had been making a presence throughout the night and part of the morning. Like he's playing with poor Race Direction. Soggy pitlane, but wet asphalt with dry lane. The circuit drain worked so well that it was declared dry - thank you! -. So we could enjoy the SBK in its purest form. When the traffic lights were off, the entire grid went down Assen's small home straight like a boulder rolling down the hillside. The Superpole positions were maintained to a greater or lesser extent, although Carlos Checa and Marco Melandri, from the third row, they managed to get behind Tom Sykes and Jonathan Rea. A group, this first, quite promising.

The first half of the race is not exactly the stage that is best given to El Toro and could not avoid falling into the hands of the chasing group consisting of Eugene Laverty, Jakub Smrz and Leon Haslam. Each one harder to crack than the last. In a spectacular but useless fight, Carlos let both the Rea-Melandri duo and Tom escape, unstoppable with his Kawasaki. Kuba He insisted on animating the show and lap after lap was pulsing with the Althea from Checa, pulses that were decided in equal parts for Catalan and Czech. In the meantime, ReaMaking the most of the Honda's perfect set-up at Assen, he found the limit of the Pirelli's grip. A highside interruptusBecause, I still don't know how, Johnny held the CBR with his legs, even leaning on the ground, to get back on his mount. Unfortunately they have not been able to include the images of save of the year, but you can be sure that we will bring them to you as soon as they are available.

And I return to that video, which does not show you the biggest fight I have seen in many years. The breakage of some component of Sykes's motorcycle caused to spit water throughout the circuit while Leon Haslam, taking advantage of Rea's threat of a fall and the Kuba-Checa fight, and Marco Melandri chased him thinking it would be oil. The slowdown caused the rear group contacted them and this, in turn, with the pilots behind them. The result? A new group formed by 14 pilots where Sylvain Guintoli, John Hopkins, Leon Camier, Max Biaggi and Chaz Davies had just joined. Hurried braking with five pilots in parallel, elbows, glances, skidding … Unfortunately for all the rain made presence taking Marco Melandri, Chaz Davies and Rea among others and forcing the stewards to show the red flag. I insist, there are no images yet, but we will bring them to you as soon as they are available.

Johnny rea assen

After the downpour, the race would be resumed in a wild nine-lap sprint on the Assen circuit river. Leon Haslam, from the front row, was one of the pilots who had the best to lead this new race. However, it did not take long for Johnny Rea to come to calm the spirits, placing himself in the lead risking much more than his opponents were doing. Only Haslam wanted to follow him, even beating him a lap later. Rea, trying to continue with the battle, he lost the little grip that a rubber inclined at 100 km / h could have, ending up on the Dutch ground and, what is worse, with the fingers of the right hand injured his hand having been wedged between the handlebars and the asphalt.

Far from Haslam madness was unleashed. Ayrton Badovini, Eugene Laverty, Max Biaggi and Davide Giuliano appeared, joining Carlos Checa and Guintoli, until then more relaxed. At this point the legendary leader's curse. Which is nothing other than the kiss between the ground and the driver that occurs when the latter leads the race. First Lion, with a swimming pool at full speed with no options to return to the race. Shortly after, Ayrton, with jump in the first instance and hard fuck in dutch mud after. The rest of the falls, such as that of Chaz, Camier or Hopkins, were due to this curse. No, they weren't leaders, but they did think so.

If the STK champion in front Sylvain had a clear path to get a new victory while Davide Giugliano, who will not be seen in another similar one, took advantage of the confusion to steal Carlos's portfolio in the last corners. In the end, excitement and a triplet from Ducati.

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