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CEV Buckler 2012: Carmelo Morales, Jordi Torres and Álex Márquez win and put things in their place in Navarra
CEV Buckler 2012: Carmelo Morales, Jordi Torres and Álex Márquez win and put things in their place in Navarra

If it is that when someone is a favorite, it is for something, and that is what was seen yesterday in the three races that we have enjoyed at the new (and beautiful) circuit of The arches, on Navarre. As you know I am talking about the second quote of our CEV Buckler, that once again has given us some impressive, exciting races and, also, in the dry (although on Saturday they did have rain). Honestly, and as I was saying, the CEV seems more and more spectacular to me, and yesterday we had a good example of it. And yes, with the favorites showing their stripes, and leaving us some very tight general rankings.

Thus, in Stock Extreme, Carmelo Morales It has saved (and in what way) a weekend that did not seem very good, in a race that has been decided in the last corner. Nor has the career of Moto2, where Jordi Torres It also kept us in suspense until the last corners to give the final blow. However, the one who has not waited for anything to sentence has been Alex Marquez, that after his mechanical problems in Jerez, he did not want surprises and has dominated with an iron hand in Moto3. So let's see what happened in each category …

Stock Extreme: Carmelo Morales wins with the collaboration of the dubbed

Carmelo Morales in Navarra

I started the morning with a race that couldn't have been more exciting. The traffic light went out and quickly Javier Forés he made good his pole position to get into the first position and shoot with a lot of force. I could only keep up with him Adrián Bonastre, both opening a little hole with the rest. But oh my friends, there it was Carmelo Morales so that we do not forget that it is the favorite to win the title of this category. He started seventh, but in a couple of laps he was already within reach of the podium, reaching third place ahead of Santiago Barragan. And when it seemed that the thing was going to be between Forés and Bonastre, a group of dubs appeared that were going to be definitive …

And it is that even Carmelo himself (always sincere) has recognized it, that said folded have helped him a lot, since they have allowed him to cancel the gap that there was already four laps left, we found that the first four were in a handkerchief, thanks to the dubbies who wanted us to have fun, hehe. Thus, we have lived a few laps of heart attack, reaching its climax in that last corner of the last lap, when Morales passed Forés, and has achieved victory. Barragán closed the podium, while Bonastre had to settle for fourth place. Fifth has been Xavier del Amor and sixth the winner of Jerez, Kyle Smith.

Stock Extreme CEV Buckler Navarra race result

  • 1. 31 Carmelo Morales (JHK T-Shirt Laglisse)
  • 2. 12 Javier Forés (Motorrad Competition) + 0.143
  • 3. 51 Santiago Barragán (Kawasaki Palmeto) + 0.193
  • 4. 23 Adrián Bonastre (Team Suzuki) + 1,584
  • 5. 34 Xavier del Amor (Team Suzuki) + 15,522
  • 6. 11 Kyle Smith (Wild Wolf) + 27.659
  • 7. 55 Marcos Solorza (Kawasaki Palmeto) + 36,574
  • 8. 73 Antonio Alarte (Basolí Competició) + 43,395
  • 9. 53 Antonio Alarcos (Alarcos Racing) + 45,138
  • 10. 48 Albert Santamaría (Prolimit Racing) + 1: 08.793
  • 11. 27 Alan Vilches (RPM Tecnomoto) + 1: 14.862
  • 12. 22 Sergio Ortega (Albaracing Motorsport) + 1: 15.055
  • 13. 88 Juan Olias (Circuit of Navarra) + 1: 22.623
  • 14. 15 Raúl García (RCM Competition) + 1: 22.751

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