Dr. Xavier Mir talks about the condition of Joan Lascorz
Dr. Xavier Mir talks about the condition of Joan Lascorz

Life goes on. It has been two hardest weeks since we found out about the serious accident he suffered Joan Lascorz in Imola. Complicated days for everyone, pending the status of such a beloved pilot. To shed some light and put an end to the unpleasant rumors that came to light on the day of the accident, Mela Chlesia has contacted Dr. Xavier Mir, who oversees Joan's rehabilitation at the Vall d'Hebron Hospital in Barcelona.

He tells us that Joan you have lost the mobility of your legs and that there is no option to recover them. However, he brings out a hopeful smile when he says that move shoulder, elbow and wrist and that, despite not being able to do the same with your hands, it is the possibility that the situation improves. All thanks to the great intervention carried out in the Bologna hospital just three hours after the accident on the circuit.

There are other cases, other pilots who have gone through the same thing. The most surprising case was that of Simon Crafar, who felt nothing for three weeks. Too Isidre Esteve, who, with his words after suffering the injury, gave us a lesson in courage, desire, hope and willpower:

Again, all that remains is to send all our strength so that Joan faces rehabilitation in the best possible way and knowing that when she is better we will all be waiting for her. Jumbo Force !!

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