Big Sur 650 from BIG SUR Motorcycles by Oberdan Bezzi
Big Sur 650 from BIG SUR Motorcycles by Oberdan Bezzi

Oberdan bezzi, Obiboi for friends, return to give the pencil with your unmistakable style that characterizes you. This time he proposes a 650cc classic-cut twin and minimalist. Aluminum tank, monoposto and semi-handlebars in a cafe racer motorcycle that was not born as such. Conventional fork and a pair of rear shocks with separate gas bottle for suspension. Tube chassis and symmetrical swingarm. Brembo brakes with radial anchor calipers but that could well have been cheaper Brembo Gold Series. We have already said on more than one occasion that this Italian designer, like other colleagues of his by profession, usually draws what many like it but we rarely see it reflected in dealerships. Although the motorcycle models put on the market are not usually capricious with few exceptions.

There is almost always a marketing study that points to a profile of a susceptible buyer or population segment to which the products are directed. That is the theory that does not always accompany the practice. As a general rule, new motorcycle launches work like this, with a lot of prior market research. Although we see a minority motorcycle or that we classify as very special, both for the mount itself, and for the user to whom it is addressed, it is pigeonholed within an order. From the conformist who follows the masses or the innovator who likes to try new products, no one escapes the eye of the commercial. That is why there are models that have not caught on in the market but that turn heads in their wake. This Big Sur 650 reminds me a lot of the Voxan black magic, a naked with the aroma of coffee that is no longer sold. Unfortunately, Voxan had to shut down. We are going to see it below and compare it with Oberdan Bezzi's proposal.

Voxan black magic

I remember seeing one Voxan black magic and it did not leave me indifferent. One afternoon in Madrid's shopping area with a lot of atmosphere on the street, I stopped for a long time to see a copy that was parked. Except for the chassis of the Voxan, which has two lateral spine-type tubes, due to the multitubular of the Big Sur 650, I believe that there are many similarities between these two motorcycles And Oberdan Bezzi's shots may be going around here. The Voxan has an inverted fork and uses a central rear shock under the engine. The Big Sur 650, as we have seen, uses two shocks that give a more classic look.

Only this couple of details and the resolution in the design of its tail and exhausts give the Voxan Black Magic a touch something more futuristic. Something like a future racer cafe. What a word I just made up! The Big Sur 650 is a drawing that can take shape at any given moment. The Voxan Black Magic was a reality that was cut short by the closure of its factory but anyway, the market did not respond to Voxan's call. Not to mention any reliability problem due to its artisan character and its peculiarities. Would a Big Sur 650 curdle in our market?. Difficult to forecast in these times.

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