Amphibious motorcycle made in Thailand
Amphibious motorcycle made in Thailand

Many times the human ingenuity to get used to difficult situations such as the frequent floods that hit Thailand during the monsoon season, has no limits. And I am not referring to the Moan, the first amphibious motorcycle invented and manufactured in Spain in 1956, but to a Honda NSR that with a couple of pipes and a lot of ingenuity It can be transformed into a motorcycle capable of crossing large amounts of dammed water.

If you don't believe me, you will have no choice but to watch the video that we bring you below in which we can see how the water reaches this intrepid biker almost to the handlebar. Being able to cross all that overflowing river without the motorcycle stopping. Of course, this that seems almost magical loses all its "glamor" when the NSR comes out of the water and makes you exclaim with a silly face, Aaahhh of course!

Have you noticed well?

The first of the modifications that is seen is a piece of hose attached to the exhaust to prevent water from entering the engine in this way. But of course internal combustion engines today continue to work due to the stoichiometric mixture (nice word) which in the case of gasoline is 14.7 parts of air for each part of gasoline. So underwater the only way get air for mixing with gasolineIt also means channeling it through tubes that we can see in the dome of the Honda.

Perhaps when they say that "Honda is Honda" it is because of the tightness of their motorcycles.

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