CEV Buckler 2012: the Navarra circuit opens in the second round of the year
CEV Buckler 2012: the Navarra circuit opens in the second round of the year

This weekend we not only have an appointment with the Superbikes at the Assen circuit, but it is also celebrated the second race on the CEV Buckler 2012 calendar, which also comes with a very special premiere: the sports complex The arches, that is, the Navarra circuit, which will see for the first time the motorcycles of the Spanish Speed ​​Championship travel the 3,933 meters that make up the route.

Remember that the CEV calendar only includes seven tests, so you can get an idea of ​​the importance of each of them. What's more, They come from a first race in Jerez where the rain was the main protagonist, although we enjoyed an impressive show in all three categories. It is time to confirm what we saw there or attend the revelation of some of the favorites who had a little problem in Jerez. At the moment they arrive as leaders Kyle smith in Stock Extreme, Dani rivas in Moto2 and Phillip Oettl in Moto3, but we go in parts.

On Stock Extreme, for me he is still the man to beat Carmelo Morales, although Kyle smith He left me feeling very good and you could see him going very fast. Nor should we forget about Adrian Bonastre, who managed to make pole on Saturday with his Suzuki GSX-R 1000. Of course, he ended up on the ground in the race. Equally attentive we must be to Santiago Barragan, and it is that last year's runner-up will surely still have a lot to say, like the two guys from the BMW Motorrad Competition, Javier Forés and Alberto Lopez, that were very competitive in the last test.

Regarding the category of Moto2, I am still haunted by the spectacular images that I was lucky enough to be in Jerez, because seeing them roll in water with slick tires, buff, it has no name. And there it was Dani rivas The one who took the cat into the water, and although this week the rumor has come out that he was leaving due to the lack of sponsors, it has finally been confirmed that for now in Navarra we will see him, and hopefully throughout the year. Dani is sure to be one of the candidates for victory, along of course with Kenny noyes and with Jordi Torres. They can also be joined by the surprising Kris McLaren, Lucas Mahias (How cute is this guy!) Or Russell Gomez.

Suzuki GSX-R 1000

And in the queen category (even if it is the smallest), Moto3, for sure we are going to attend an incredible race. Among other things, because several of the favorites were even left without scoring, as in the case of Alex Marquez or Maria Herrera (Let's not forget that it was the fastest in the Jerez warm up). But watch out for Phillip Oettl, who dominated the race from start to finish. We will also have to be aware of Alejandro Medina, Josep Rodríguez, Ana Carrasco, John McPhee and everyone who can join the party in this category.

We will therefore see what happens on this new Los Arcos track, but everything seems to indicate that the three categories are going to be hotly contested, and let's not forget that many of the riders have never ridden on this circuit in Navarra. And do not forget that supposedly the Energy It will broadcast the three categories live, and I say supposedly because at the moment it appears in the programming only from 11:30 to 12:00, and on the channel's own page it still does not put anything. But hey, let's hope they throw them out as planned. These are the schedules:

  • Stock Extreme: 11.00
  • Moto2: 12.00
  • Moto3: 13.00

So you know, this weekend it's time to do whatever you can to see the Superbikes and the CEV, what I like these weekends full of motorcycling! At the moment in the CEV, which is what we have to do, we will surely enjoy ourselves, and that is I feel a special affection for this championship, where the pure and hard passion for motorcycles and a good handful of dreams are on the surface.

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