We go shopping again, this time Kenny Roberts takes us to the auction
We go shopping again, this time Kenny Roberts takes us to the auction

Yes, the bikes of Kenneth Leroy Roberts, better known as “The Martian"Or"King kenny" for sale. If you are one of the most modern and this guy does not sound familiar to you, I will tell you that I do not know if his talent or personality is stronger. He has to his credit three 500cc World Championship titles, 1978, 1979 and 1980 and a reputation for being a person who follows the motto: “eat my noble parts before my children". To put it mildly since the saying is not exactly like that, but we must keep the forms. Let's say Kenny Roberts Senior is strong-willed. I will always remember one of his lapidary phrases: "Races are won in the fast area of ​​the circuit, not in the slow, the slow just have to get rid of it as quickly as possible".

You are recognized for entering the driving style knee to the ground to give traction to the rear wheel when exiting curves. The monkey slider became the third wheel at times. He has also been a person very committed to the safety of the pilots, putting the FIM in check. threatening to mount a parallel championship, the World Series. And it is together with one of his sons, Kenny Roberts Junior, the only father and son that can boast of having titles in the highest category of motorcycling. In his time as manager he had many joys with Yamaha but decided one day that it would be the alternative to Japanese dominance by founding the Team Roberts. Unfortunately, the results did not follow what was expected. After a while and under the signature of auctions and sales, RMD Motors, offers the wealthiest public the Kenny Roberts Collection.

Proton KR3

Various motorcycles are offered, in this article we show photographs of two. The one that heads these lines is Proton KRV5 XM2 from the year 2004 which was piloted by Kenny Roberts' youngest offspring, Kurtis Roberts. Kurtis after a brief experience in the 250cc world championship returns to the USA to conquer the AMA Pro Honda Series in 1999 and 2000. He returns to the top category of motorcycling riding the Proton 500cc but it is with this Proton KRV5 MX2 with the one who runs his first full season in the category although he missed many races due to injuries. This Proton KRV MX2 was equipped with a four-stroke V5 engine, Ohlins suspensions at the front, Penske at the rear and Nissin brake system.

The second photograph you see is of the Proton KR3 from the year 2002 which was piloted by Nobuatsu Aoki. On the RMD motors page you can see all the photographs of this beauty, and the rest of the motorcycles in the lot. We show you here this snapshot of a part of the engine in which the lower cylinder with its tube and the dry clutch can be seen. Personally looking at the exhaust welds, I'm licking myself!. With only 116 kilos of weight and Ohlins suspensions front and rear, this V3 two-strokeNor has he given much joy to the eldest of the Aoki brothers. Nobuatsu Aoki, the former Brigdestone developer could only sign a sixth place at Le Mans and three seventh places at Suzuka, Jerez and Phillip Island respectively. As we say, in the 2002 season.

The Roberts Collection also features the Modenas 500 V3 This time it is sent in the absence of a part and is not removable when received. Unlike the two Protons that can be started once they are removed from the packaging in which they are shipped. Complete the pack one 1999 Honda CBR900 RR and one 1994 Yamaha TZ125, both from "little" Kurtis Roberts. The list of what those of RMD Motors have sold is impressive, through their hands they have passed from a Honda NR750 up to one Yamaha YZR 500cc ex Jean Phillipe Ruggia. To look for prices you have to consult personally with RMD Motors. Let me know if you buy something!.

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