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Superbikes Netherlands 2012: welcome to the ten Kate family home
Superbikes Netherlands 2012: welcome to the ten Kate family home

Welkom bij huis!

Or welcome home, in Spanish. Specifically to the house of Honda pride in Superbikes, to the home of the ten Kate, family and followers, to Assen. In the cathedral many of the best races of the championship in recent times are remembered, and in them he had almost always involved one of the drivers of such a successful team. However Jonathan Rea has not won three of the four races in the last two years by chance, in fact, last week the team was testing at the circuit. With rain and cool temperatures, more or less what is expected this weekend.

It has been a hard and disappointing start for the whole team, who have not risen to the top in a long time. But after the tests in Imola it seems that they have found the set-up that allows them to fight at the head of the race. A race head in which, of course, our Carlos Checa will be, the only one who has been able to face Rea by winning the second race of 2011. His teammate, Davide giuliano, he also won the Superstock 1000 race.

It would be innocent not to include among the favorites Tom sykes. Despite the fact that in recent times the results did not follow in Assen, the truth is that in 2012 he has taken the Superpole wherever he has gone. Victory, yes, is resisting him. But we already know that the third time is the charm and, furthermore, what better way could Joan Lascorz be encouraged than by climbing to the top of the drawer?

Obviously Max biaggi He will have a leading role, especially after Carlos beat him, twice, in his own home and in front of the Roman's followers. Until Monza arrives and with it the opportunity to sweep the Ducati off the map, the Pirate is going to have to push himself to the max. Eugene laverty It would have to be 100% already, so your victory will not be long in coming either.

Bet for the first race: * Jonathan Rea * Tom Sykes * Leon Haslam

Bet for the second race: * Carlos Checa * Tom Sykes * Joanathan Rea

Supersport, Kenan seeks revenge

The Turk says that his knee that was operated on a few weeks ago still hurts a lot, but the truth is that if in Imola it is not because of that black flag Kenan Sofuoglu it could have radically changed history. They have the torque they need for the long and fast sections of the Dutch track so a great weekend is expected for both Kenan and Broc parkes. Because if Broc did not win in Imola it was for the second defective rubber What is his turn on behalf of Pirelli. Fact that made Ronald ten Kate quite angry, attacking the factory because in just five laps the rear rubber of the Honda had completely dislodged.


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