Scorpion never ceases to amaze us with its new helmet models
Scorpion never ceases to amaze us with its new helmet models

Some time ago we taught you heated screens on Scorpion helmets or photosensitive visors that react depending on the intensity of the light at all times. This brand originated in the USA until recently it sounded very far away, but we see them more and more times, for example in the heads of Iván Silva or Yonny Hernández on weekends in MotoGP.

Now Scorpion presents its new Exo 1000 Air model incorporating the “Airfit” system. Which is nothing more than a pneumatic system that allows the inner padding of the cheeks to be inflated to adapt it to our face. With this we managed to have a practically custom helmet, which increases safety and insulation, improving comfort.

So that you can see the good and innovative ideas of this brand of helmets in the video they present us with a Scorpion model called ExoLedLite, which consists of a system of LEDs that are integrated into the carlota of the helmet, and by means of accelerometers and gyroscopes are capable of detecting when we are accelerating or braking, turning or straight. In this way, a system of side lights located in the name of the brand, they light up progressively, in such a way that the harder we accelerate the more intense the light. For the braking section, a central red light has been incorporated with the brand's logo. Without a doubt, one more advance in passive safety for the motorcyclist.

But let's continue with the Exo 1000 Air model Of which we can tell you that its shell is available in two sizes and manufactured with tricomposite fibers with a TCT (Thermodynamical Composite Technology) structure that is characterized by absorbing maximum energy in the event of an impact. Its closure is of the "double D" type, increases security, the interior is hypoallergenic, completely removable and washable, retractable solar screen and anti-fog.

As for the options, Scorpion presents this Exo 1000 Air with ten different decorations, in addition to the single color. Its weight is 1400gr and the price ranges between € 300 and € 355.

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