Scram Africa first edition; adventure through the desert in classics
Scram Africa first edition; adventure through the desert in classics

There is nothing left for the first edition of Scram Africa to begin. A trip of 2000 kilometers by road, tracks and sand in southern Morocco for classic and neoclassical motorcycles. Undoubtedly a unique experience designed for motorcycles such as BMW GS80, GS100, Triumph Scrambler, Royal Enfield, Ural, Honda XL 500, street tracker or scrambler style custom motorcycles.

I really like the approach to this adventure and despite the fact that registration closed on April 15, I am sure that there will be more editions of this authentic adventure, which without a doubt I would not mind attending in order to enjoy this very different way. and unique to the Moroccan slopes. And to show a button on the video that you can see below, with real images of when the organizers have been recognizing the terrain to determine the route to follow.

The entire infrastructure of the trip is organized by Soloraids, a company specialized in trips to Morocco with many years of experience in both motorcycles and 4 × 4 and with Pep Segura at the helm and his knowledge of the terrain will delight those registered together with Karles Vives from Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles and his great preparations and workshop, which I would like to tell you about in another article.

The departure is scheduled on the day April 28 in Algeciras and they will be back on May 6 after completing the 2,200 kilometers. We hope that news of this original adventure continues to reach us so we can tell you about it.

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