Zard open day, the exhaust factory opens its doors to the public
Zard open day, the exhaust factory opens its doors to the public

Although the Zard exhaust factory, it catches us a bit far since it is located in Italy. Specifically in Baldichieri d 'Asti and next to the highway that goes from Torino to Piacenza. It is also possible that you have a trip planned on the dates when Zard organize this event and you can even stop by. It will be the Saturday May 19 of this year 2012 So, as I said, there is plenty of time if you plan to travel through that area and on those dates. Zard organizes a very complete day and with many surprises.

Zard is a company that was born in 2003 founded by a group of engineers with experience in motorcycle exhaust systems. In collaboration with another factory, GP T├ęcnica, which is a specialist in cold sheet molding in the industrial and automotive sectors. They begin their journey with a personal patrimony of 55 workers on the payroll. The pillars of its manufacture They are based on the acquisition of the raw material exclusively in their country and totally handmade product processes. The result is a product entirely made in Italy. We will review the program of activities below.

Zard Open Day Poster

Zard proposes a day that will begin at ten o'clock in the morning delivering to all attendees discount vouchers 10 percent on their products and tickets to take part in the raffles to be held. Then, and by means of a guided visit You will be able to see the factory accompanied by its staff who will explain each and every one of the manufacturing processes. The draws will be held at five in the afternoon but until that time the activities will not stop. Zard makes available to anyone who requests it in advance, their test bench to test your motorcycle. It will offer discounts to anyone who buys an exhaust that day, will install it free of charge and will send the original exhaust to your address.

Too propose a route through the area until evening falls and the draws take place. The prizes are distributed as follows: First prize with a voucher of 500 euros, second prize with a 40 percent discount voucher, Third award with a 30 percent discount voucher and fourth prize with a 20 percent discount voucher. In addition there will be a special award for the most beautiful motorcycle of those who attend the event. In my opinion, a very intelligent and transparent commercial maneuver. You can see first-hand "what is there" and buy with good prices and facilities if you are interested. But if you do not buy and have a good day, surely you will discuss the experience with your friends on the road in one of the outings and Zard will be present at the gathering, which is what it is about, right? We hope that the example will spread and that it is a little closer geographically.

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