Audi acquires Ducati for 860 million euros
Audi acquires Ducati for 860 million euros

Ducati in German hands

According to Reuters Italy the German company would have already reached an agreement with Borgo Panigale to take over Ducati for a value of 860 million euros, a price that includes Ducati's debt. Thus, the Volkswagen division makes a move in the two-wheel market by centralizing the European industry. They say, however, that it has been a more passionate than logical movement in favor of the economy. It seems that finally Ducati chose the pasty German.

A choice that keeps everything in the family and, personally, I like it. Although I would have liked Ducati to be totally Italian, I hope they continue to maintain their independence and style. Some have already begun to dream of "Italian design" but "German reliability". Without a doubt a perfect balance to sell machines. What it is capable of a large group on two wheels we have already been seeing it with the development of Husqvarna at BMW.

This should, and I mean assuming, end with The alliance of gentlemen between Ducati and AMG how much has been promoted in recent months. The agreement, always according to Reuters, will be made official tomorrow.

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