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Triumph Bonneville T-100 classic test, end of course, (IV)
Triumph Bonneville T-100 classic test, end of course, (IV)

We were talking in the previous article about suspensions and we must also comment on the brakes. The pair of rear shock absorbers they have left a bad taste in the mouth When the pace is increased somewhat but, on the other hand, the conventional fork does its job well. Although soft in character, it does not break down and is difficult to get in trouble on the open road. The setting of the hydraulics, not adjustable, is well achieved. There are kits of springs, cartridges and oil for this model but I do not see as necessary the replacement of these elements as in the rear axle.

A 310mm disc and a floating caliper two pistons are enough to stop this Triumph Bonneville T-100 since in principle it is only going to be used for quiet rides, right ?. On the Triumph Thruxton they equip the floating anchor disc and 320mm with the same calipers for that sporty plus that permeates the café racer. The disc in question is rigidly fixed to the rim. The capacity of braking and feel are good and sufficient depending on your claims. The rear 255mm disc will be useful if we know how to combine it with the front one and it helps to bend the bike in the rear quarter during maneuvers, as a friend told me: "for hands, not for feet".

Triumph Bonneville T-100

Leaving the curves aside and heading towards national highways and expressways, this motorcycle it just takes you to the end of the world. It's tireless and comfortable for long runs, at legal speeds as there is no fairing. Windshields and screens are available in the Triumph Options and Accessories catalog. Speaking of options, the unit we tested has as extras open exhausts with re-programming of the switchboard that increase consumption somewhat and left the autonomy of this day in a few 230 kilometers for a 16-liter tank.

It must be borne in mind that it will be a few more kilometers since we refuel once the reserve warning light on the clock box has been lit. They have mounted some chrome fenders to protect the engine in the event of a fall, a carrier with handle for the passenger and a practice plug hidden to power and charge mobile phones and small electrical appliances. The accessories catalog that Triumph offers us to equip the Bonneville is extensive in aesthetic elements, and sparse in components of the cycle part.

Triumph Bonneville T-100

On another occasion, and for a similar route, my friend and colleague who has given us this Triumph Bonneville T-100, left us the motorcycle again for a comprehensive test with passenger. Real passenger, not the box of sweets that I have transported all the evidence, of course. Save for the rear suspension that did not stop making stops, this motorcycle is very grateful for the second on board with a wide, comfortable seat, with a very natural posture. In the aesthetic section I am not going to stop long because the photos and your tastes speak for themselves and show you the way to follow among the modern classics of Triumph.

If the 60's look, you won't mind a chrome over or under here or there. I do not know if I explain myself. Triumph has achieved a aesthetics as unsurpassed as the old Bonneville tradition. Small details that add up can be highlighted such as the appearance of the injection housing that simulates carburettors or the signature of the operator who, by hand, paints the lines of the gasoline tank. Profusion of chrome, classic watches, fork bellows, etc. Everything, as I say, adds up, for an exceptional end result.

Triumph Bonneville T-100

If between article and article you have gone through the Triumph website, surely you have seen that, in addition to Thruxton and Scrambler, the Triumph Bonneville are unfolded in some more model. They start with the basic followed by a SE version and then this T-100 would come. Leaving aside some special edition, this Triumph Bonneville T-100 we could say that it is apart. The offer of all these motorcycles is well structured and organized without the models overlapping when choosing. Personally, and as I have already said, I am more of a basic Thruxton or Bonneville but if these bikes fit you, you should know that the engines are quite reliable and long-lived.

The verbatim words of a well-known mechanic of the brand with many years of experience in the sector were: "you don't know how well they go"After testing this Bonneville, I cannot agree more with him. Looking at the portfolio, they will ask us for a rate price of approximately 9,295 euros for this motorcycle. maintenance is every 10,000 kilometers alternating oil and filter checks with those of the air filter and adjustments if necessary.

Triumph Bonneville T-100

Positive aspects

I would highlight your versatile character even in the case of this particular one, for aesthetics, version. For those who like to play and machine, giving a Bonneville Thruxton or even Scrambler touches and strokes is not complicated with the supply of components from the auxiliary industry. This is a plus to keep in mind. The engine is robust and reliable. Very suitable for everything. From day to day, long trips or, if necessary, going around curves.

Negative aspects

Few drawbacks can be drawn that do not go through mentioning that pair of rear shocks a bit fair quality. There are no breakdowns worth mentioning, although to find out in this regard it is better to go through internet forums, both national and foreign, where the users themselves are the ones who tell their experiences in person. Although we all know that on the subject of forums and, depending on what cases, you have to take with tweezers the information that is given in them but I think that who else and who less, we have walked around the network seeing people's opinions about that motorcycle that we want to buy.

Really the Triumph bonneville, in any of its versions, occupies that market niche of "undisputed" motorcycles to which there are hardly any things to reproach. Honda CBR600, BMW R1200GS or Yamaha FZR 1000, are different examples, both in segment and in time, that have the privilege, like this Triumph Bonneville T-100 to belong to such a select club.

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