A bit of orange off road history, on video
A bit of orange off road history, on video

A few decades have passed since the Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz Mattighofen locksmith, (KTM) was founded in 1934 until the first KTM 125cc cross-country appeared in 1974. It is true that since 1971 one of the first off road of KTM which at that time wore the acronym GS, this being an Enduro motorcycle with a focus and license plate. But in the video that we bring you below, a review of all the 125cc brand models is given. Cross models that currently have the acronym SX.

So we can see how over the years some elements have been "thinning" over time, for example the seats and rear wings in which they even incorporated a place for the numbers. However, other elements have been “getting bigger” such as the front fork bars, which now seem like real “sticks” with those drum brakes on the front wheel.

In the video we can see some failure such as in 1990 in which the author of this fantastic compilation sneaks an Enduro motorcycle and also a 250cc. But moving away from these small failures, this helps us to realize several things, such as that the characteristic orange color This brand has not been a hallmark of its identity from the beginning. And that motorcycles like the blue KTM 125 from 1975 or like the MC5 in red from the following years are really precious.

Also, although there is a bit of a mess with the most recent models, I have a personal opinion about it since I do not like the front side fenders of the 2011 and 2012 cross models, looking much more successful. the design of previous models.

And which one do you like the most?

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